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noun Excellent!

Ron Dadoo ahh merci... pas trouvé le titre du film?

v agnès Brilliant!

Ron Dadoo merci V! pas trouvé non plus le titre?

vera Génial!

Ron Dadoo merci vera!

Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Milka :) @Ron Do you take your camera everywhere?

Ron Dadoo haha ! good question! I crossed this convoy on my way ... I did not have my camera. I quickly took my camera to my studio, and I came back to them ...

Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Allegedly the best camera is the one that you can always carry with you :)

Ron Dadoo Exactly, I discovered this with Tookapic: always look for a subject, unfortunately I do not satisfied with my smartphone, and I most often carry with me, my big photo bag ...

Ron Dadoo But I do not despair. Technologically, we will soon get to graft a camera directly into the eye, connected to the brain for quick release, science fiction? Actually ? to have...

Marta Nowakowicz-Jankowiak Haha, Why not. But will we still be people or robots then? ;)

Ron Dadoo great question...

mathilde24 Trop drôle 😊 de beaux souvenirs mais avec le troupeau

Ron Dadoo ah bon, vous avez fréquenté les vaches de transport? :-) merci

Kateli Love it ! Only you could capture this !!!

Ron Dadoo oh noooo.... just lucky. I drew a whole series of this event, some good, hard to choose 1 alone! :-)

Nutt Mind-boggling! For the movie, @jewels hasn't replied yet, meanwhile could I suggest Urban Cowboy? (old movie with Travolta)

Ron Dadoo haha non! je voyais un film plus français

Nutt La Vache et le Prisonnier? Ou tout simplement La Vache? (le dernier c'est un film récent de Hamidi) ;)

Ron Dadoo bien joué, c'est le film qui m'est venu à l'esprit quand je les ai vu :-)

Magda Parkitna Nice! They went for a walk I think. You can do it with your dog why not with your bull;-))))

Ron Dadoo of course! I thought exactly the same thing, but I did not manage to get this message out, I'm not Qbanez ! :-)

Satoshi T Nice! I also like mural on the block background!

Ron Dadoo well seen! This is what made me choose this image among others quite well successful on this subject!

Katrina Yu This is actually very fascinating in a confusing way, but it's so fresh!

Ron Dadoo yes yes...

jewels Ooops, I missed it! La vache et le prisonnier of course 😀

Ron Dadoo haha :-) encore un bug j'arrivai pas à te marquer avec le @ pour t'alerter...

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