Zenon Drobiński Very interesting exercise :)

Satoshi T Thank you @Zenon ! :)

Jacek Dzitkowski Is that kitchen foil?

Satoshi T Yes @Jacek , It is an application of "How to make fake water" method. This time I use 2 colored papers under the kitchen foil.

Katrina Yu I really love what you do! I hope I can create physical worlds like you someday Satoshi-san.

Please check one of my favorite creatives in creating scale-model photography like you (you might this interesting):

Satoshi T Ohh! He is really great! I'm impressed! Thank you very much for introduce him!

Ron Dadoo .... not sure for palm trees , glasses and beach sandals... I'm glad to see that ... Is that that? "Blue..." :-))

Satoshi T Oh thank you @Ron ! I'm impressed with @noun 's sea without props !

Danuta The end result will be beautiful as always! :) !

Satoshi T The sea wave is difficult... but I create clouds for the first time : "Bye bye Summer-vibes week" ! Thanks @Danuta !

Danuta It came out very well, the clouds revelation !!! :)

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