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pgrab You took Fujian with you on drinking night? Respect, that you was able to focus

Paweł Te Thanks @pgrab :) I'm glad you didn't see the rest of the pictures. Yesterday I thought I had super-powers, but it was verified this morning when viewing photos :) can be found a relation between the duration of the event and the ability of correct focusing:)

Babs I actually liked the other pic, I thought it was very artistic. But this is one is also good, as always.

Paweł Te sorry for that, but when I saw it today morning on a conputer screen there was tons of noise, grain and also banding, so i've decided to change it😕

Babs I totally get it. I have pictures that I've uploaded and I was very unhappy with the next day ( and yes, when you've had something to drink you like everything, haha) but I've never changed it. It's part of a journey, I think.

Paweł Te Off course, You're right☺but everyone has different goals, and for me the most important is motivation to take pictures every day and if I have opportunity to change the picture, from time to time, which for various reasons I do not like, I do not see nothing wrong with it☺

Babs I understand. But you're being too hard on yourself. I like all your photos, every time. :)

Paweł Te someone has to☺thanks a lot @Babs !☺

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