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Darek Antkowiak My beloved Warsaw....back side :) Thank You @Satoshi

Satoshi T I got many inspiration from your Warsaw. I challenged how to make the atmosphere of Warsaw with simple paper work. Thank you @Darek !

Danuta Much work, precision ! ... the final effect revelation :) !

Satoshi T Recently, I try to recall our common memory using how few simple elements. I feel my work as making background prop of the theater act. Thank you @Danuta .

Danuta You are doing a great job, it looks so realistic, I'm always impressed with your work Satoshi ! ... From where you are so great love to Warsaw, to Poland , have you ever been to Poland? :)

Satoshi T Actually I have never been there yet. If there is a chance, I definitely want to go and see the real view of what you are taking.

Rafal Laczynski WOW! Respect!

Satoshi T Your "I love Warsaw" is affecting my image :) Thank you @Rafal

Dorota Szypicyn Chapeau bas☺!

Satoshi T Да, разоблачение моей тайны :)

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