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Satoshi T I like it. Not only it was an oil-painting touch but also a story of mystery . I am very interesting in. I hope you can find subtitle version. Thank you @agnieszka_mw .

Marta I have seen the film and it was great! And as Agnieszka said, I had only one cinema in my city that had a screening with subtitles

Satoshi T Oh you've seen it Marta? good!

makebate I have seen it and I was over the moon. Did you like it? The paintings were beautiful, very well made in my opinion. And the soundtrack was fantastic too, sticked to the mood!

Satoshi T It's very nice @makebate ! Yes, I was impressed by the soundtrack too!

Judyta Vincent <3

Satoshi T Its very nice 😍 Thank you @Judyta !

eventide I've seen it two weeks ago. In my opinion, it presents, that great people are often marked with some kind of craziness... But the execution of this film is totally amazing! I didn't expect, that I would be able to stand watching by about 2 hours of moving paintings, but I watched as enchanted :P

Satoshi T I think genius sometimes has great creziness. At first, I thought that it was hard to see Van Gogh's painting style long time, but the recollection was made well by B&W , It had nice rhythm.

eventide I totally agree ;)

Ron Dadoo unfortunately not seen yet, but it's in our projects! ps i know a swiss artist who made wonderful animated film:

Satoshi T I recommend it for people who are making stories by combining pictures and photos like you, @Ron . and Thanks for introducing awesome work of Georges Schwizgebel.

vera I'm looking forward to seeing it at the cinema !!!

Satoshi T Please watch it, @vera !

vera Yes promised!

Danuta I also intend to go to the cinema for this movie, maybe next week I will find time for this pleasure , I'm looking forward to this moment ;) !

Satoshi T Yes, I recommend it for you. 😉 Thank you @Danuta !

Danuta Thank you :)

Krzysztof Baczyński Super film, widzieliśmy na festiwalu w Gdyni. Podaj w jakich kinach można zobaczyć w Tokio to polecę Adzie i Adamowi...

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