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Paweł Te Thanks!:) In this case the idea is good but execution is not necessarily:):) I need to work on it:) and off course I haven't got any tripod, so I used my bag.:)

AP Darth Nice to see you.

Paweł Te Thanks @AP :)

bistronomia 2s czy 10s ? ;-)

Paweł Te Hmmmm??☺

bistronomia miało być 2s lub 12s - chodzi mi o domyślny czas olka dla samowyzwalacza? Ciekaw byłem czy zdążyłeś w 2 sekundy :-)

Paweł Te 12s☺aż tak szybko nie śmigam☺ i tak wykonałem kilka prób, ta i tak nie jest specjalnie udana, ale odpuściłem bo mi po tyłku zimnem dawało😀😀

vera I like very much the lines converging to you, human! And over your head the clock seems to hang in the air and you sit down very stable on the floor! Very good composition I think! And much better with your bag without tripod here ! I completely agree with @agnieszka_mw !!!

Paweł Te Thanks @vera ☺ I've tried many combination of me sitting and standing, but when I was standing due to perspective, there was no clock and the lines and angles looked strange☺ thnks once again!☺

Comment was deleted

Paweł Te Dzięki Beata☺

Satoshi T Nice to see you @Paweł with nice background of Kraków Główny. It's awesome light balance and composition!

Paweł Te Thanks @Satoshi , nice to hear that☺ it's an old part of Kraków Główny, currently out of order, but full of interesting places and details, I'll be back there for taking some shots, that's for shure☺

Satoshi T Oh its the same of "Krakow Railway Station" ? Even if a big new platforms constructed separately, it is wonderful to leave such a classical part.

Paweł Te yes, it's the same part, maybe 200m further:)

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