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Kasia Czar Thank you Kasia

wkaleniecki Gratulacje 😀

Kasia Czar Dziękuję

Bolesław Congratulations!

Kasia Czar Thank you

Rafał Bolko Gratulacje!

Kasia Czar Dziękuję

mrs Foch Congratulations!

Kasia Czar Thank you

Gosia Congrats, I love your photos.

Kasia Czar Thank you Gosia ❤️

Aneta Dzienis-Skutnicka Congratulations and keep going!I admire Your photos of children so You?:-)

Kasia Czar Thank you Aneta. I won't be carrying on this project. I need some rest from it and will focus on other projects now. But I am so grateful for tookapic website. I would not be able to finish the project without this website and community ❤️

Maciek Lipski Congratulations! Keep going! ;-)

Kasia Czar Thank you Maciek. I decided (but it wasn't easy) to not carry on 365 project, but planning to do other photography projects this year. It feels strange not to pick up my camera today... so strange. Like I forgot about something :-) good luck with your project! Happy New Year!x

Maciek Lipski What a pity :-( I know that it's sometimes hard to continue, but after all you feel that you must and want to end 365 :-) Please let us know about your new project, I wish you well with it!
And thank you for your wishes, it's closer and closer to finish ;-)

Gosia Sad to see you quit. I hope you won't delete your photos, they're so beautiful and a great inspiration <3

Kasia Czar Thank you Gosia. I am not planning to delete the photos or my account. Who knows what life is going to bring? Maybe I'll be back ;)

Ross Congrats!

Klaudia Sanocka Congratulations! Your project is wonderful! All the best in new year with Tookapic or another photography project (but without your photos Tookapic will be poorer) :D

Kasia Czar Thank you Klaudia... You have many wonderful users here :) I might be back soon :D Good Luck with your project. I still will be visiting tookapic :)

Gabriela Joniec Gratulacje! :)

Kasia Czar Dziękujemy!

365tookapic Gratulacje, świetne zdjęcia ! 😊

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