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Marta Kalina Great place, great Photo 😊

mrmm2017 Thanks. Agreed, great place.

Marta Kalina And you finish your project with this photo! Congratulations! :)

mrmm2017 Thank you! I am not sure what was more difficult: to finish tookapic project in 365 days or to ski down from Lomnicke Sedlo in 5 minutes!

Marta Kalina Hahaha thats good question :) when I was there I had the same problem :P after these amazing views, (for me) snowboarding down was a thriller :P

Wojciech Congratulations!

mrmm2017 Thank you!

Ross Congrats! Great project 👏

mrmm2017 Thanks Ross!

wkaleniecki Congratulations!

mrmm2017 Thank you!

maggaglen Gratulacje 🤗 dopiero zauważyłam że to 365😍

mrmm2017 Dziękuję, przeleciało ...

Rafal Laczynski Dzięki! :-)

Artur Łobocki Congrats!!!

mrmm2017 Thank you!

Rafal Laczynski Congratulations Marcin!

mrmm2017 Dzięki Rafał!

vera Big congratulations for your project!!! Super pic! Symbolic? ;)

mrmm2017 Thanks! Looks like symbolic now, but I did not think about it while shooting.

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