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Viola Qniej thnx, Rafał :)

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Viola Qniej hmm w sklepie widmo? podoba mi się Twój tok myślenia xD

Bruce Looks like ghosts go grocery shopping too :-) Nice capture :-)

Viola Qniej hahah shop till you drop :)

Bruce ... literally. :-)

Katrina Yu Ohh, this is amazing!!! The colors are so vintage. I look looking at photo restorations and how digital colorist colors and those war photos would always have this kind of feeling like your image!

Viola Qniej thank you, Dear! I love old style in photography, clothes and cars, strange, old, rusty places and buildings also! 70's the most ☺

Margie I like all this too. Thinking of getting a new camera. How do you like your Canon. I am especially interested in low light photography as my current is poor in that area.

Viola Qniej love my camera, but old one (500D) also! most important are good, bright lenses, I think.

Margie What lenses do you recommend for fairly close photos with low light. Not landscapes or anything. My indoor photos are terrible.

Viola Qniej try 50 mm f 1.8 or 35 mm f 1.4, Margie

Margie Oh thank you. This is a big decision for me.

Viola Qniej if you see a photo on Tookapic that you like, always check the parameters - I can only say what I use, I'm not a specialist :)

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