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Asia Great!

Viola Qniej thnx, Asia!

Satoshi T Great Poseidon's palace!!

Viola Qniej thnx, Satoshi!

Adam Superb photo!

Viola Qniej thnx, Adam ☺

tania Hihi.... I just used Poseidon and his mates on my site... ;)

Viola Qniej yes? could you show me, please?

tania Pleasure...

tania Feedback welcome !

Viola Qniej I see that you like mythology. I like "éole" the best - invisible ballet des couleurs <3 "narcisse" is fun haha!

tania I also like a lot abstractions. I shall add some more, but not enough time at the moment. Nicely said : invisible ballet des couleurs. Thanks for your comment. And Narcisse is my favorite. So contemporary this question of narcissism in the social medias.

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