Ginger Oh, take a look plz : "Shoe tree" . And i have seen more shoes (but female) on trees around when I took this pic. It was in eastern-south Poland.

Viola Qniej hahaha nooo way!

Ginger I had no idea what does it mean, these were very high trees and shoes were on slim branches many many meters above the ground. My parents, who live there over 60 years, had no idea what does it mean neither.

Viola Qniej very interesting, but... maybe not everything must have a hidden meaning and sense?

Ginger Sure, you r right, but it is still I wonder why they did it :) I like to understand what I see :)

Ginger Thx , yes I have read a simmilar article before. Yes, maybe this is just a silly joke :)

Kamil Kaczor In skatepark in Gdynia skaters throwing thier old broken shoes on the tree, and not only teenagers, older pro skaters too :D

Viola Qniej old shoes tree? 😂

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Viola Qniej równowaga musi być :)

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Viola Qniej jeszcze możesz zacząć 😂

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