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Jan Buchta It's really strange, they can walking with naked ankles even in winter. Caps, gloves, scarves and that ankles :O :/

eventide What's the point in wearing warmer clothes and all these winter accessories on the top, if the down of the body is clothed only in ripped jeans and short shoes, presenting naked ankles and even half of calves? I have no idea.
Okay, I can understand wearing like this, when it's warm spring or "real" summer weather, but yesterday was really cold...

Jan Buchta Yes, I have no idea too why they doing that. Where were their parents? ;) Lots of young people like that style- naked ankles, lots of other stuff. There is no any sense, especially in weather like now.

Bruce Easy... no nerve endings 😂. Have a great eve, Ev! 😊

eventide Thank you, Bruce! In fact the ones who decided about my giving up to writing were my neighbours from the flat above me - they were organising a loud party, and the noise is something I can't stand while working or studying - I have no skills in paying attention on few things at the same time and music distracted me so much, that I was not able to write anything more :P So I watched the new "Flatliners" :P

Bruce I am the same way - no way I can work if there's a loud party going on, but fortunately my days of apartment living are in the past :-). My neighbor in the house next door still has loud parties, but not that often luckily! I haven't seen the new "Flatliners" yet though.

eventide It's quite good, but I haven't seen the original, so what can I say? ;P

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eventide You too what? ;P

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eventide In this case I can say, that some wishes come true ;P

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eventide I have this wish everyday and everyday I hope it'll come true as well :D

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