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Alek Jedliński Great shot! I am thinking about ordering those as well - right now I only have white paper :)

Paweł Kadysz Thanks. These are available at any stationer, no need to order them. You'd probably pay more for shipping than for the paper itself.

Alek Jedliński Didn't think of it, thanks. I don't know where the nearest stationer is, I guess some research is due.

Paulina M You can try at carrefour or tesco

Alek Jedliński Thanks Paulina :)

Claudiu Sergiu Danaila The minimal still life series is so cool! I plan to do something similar in the near future. Lighting is spot on!

Grace This is cool :) I wonder who is pretending to be Darth. what kind of paper is this?

Nacho Guevara Simple and clean, masterful.

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