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Zenon Drobiński Beautiful scene, amazing light!

vera Thanks a lot Zenon! 😊

tania Hey ! My three were at the same place !

vera This is an amazing place indeed... and there is not only one tree 🤣 One day you should show me where is your???

Kateli Mine were with her three !! ;0)

vera oh cool! you mean your children!!! I misunderstood Tania and thought she was speakcing about a tree... not her three... hmmm! 🤣

Satoshi T Great mood! An ideal light that draws the outline of people beautifully. Congratulations!

vera Thank you Satoshi! indeed, the sunset and the fire create a beautiful light around the shapes of people... I'm so sorry that the people aren't sharp... but it was difficult enough with little light to seize the moment. I don't yet have the dexterity to shoot with little light, I need to learn ;)

Satoshi T It is very difficult to capture people in little light. Give up on focusing on all people and try to fit the two key people. The ISO of the camera is Good, only the experience gains.😉

vera Yes I need practice focusing on the people I want to catch ;) ! I don't give up! 👍🏻😄

vera And perhaps in this case, I should trigger the picture from the screen, it would be a better option to make focus wherever I want!

Margie So nice! Years and years ago I traveled to Geneva and had raclette! I never forgot it! Such a warm and inviting photo.

vera Thank you so much Margie! We often eat raclette when there are many people, great occasions like meeting family or friends, after skiing etc ... it's a imple, convivial meal that everybody appreciates in general ;) 😋

IzabelaK Super :-)

vera Thank you so much IsabelaK!!!

Kateli That light is incredible !!

vera indeed! a very special evening light, mix of sun after rain, sunset and light of a big fire!

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