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Maciej Chomik About picture of the day. Not everyone got the same taste as you and there will be always someone who doesnt like the picture of the day its normal. About people, this is typical on every social media platform you have to make peace with that. I think Paweł need some help running this site and it could be a lot different page. Cheers! :)

Foggy stories Yeah i understand that not everyone got the same taste as me, but I'm not saying about style, colours or even aesthetic. These pictures often are not even correct :( I understand too that it's typical practice at social media but now I see more and more things like this and it's really discouraging :/

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Foggy stories Yeah it's totally looks like this. I'm sad because a lot of amazing people delete their account or left this page because of this. Another thing is that I'm not feeling this positive vibes from tookapic community as at the beginning.

Maciej Chomik I don't know. Maybe "vibe" is most important to be featured as a photo of the day? Who knows.

Maciej Chomik I can't agree with your words. It's not polish Instagram. It's something a lot different.

Foggy stories I'm talking only about write this same comments to all pictures just for com, like, follow back not about project

agnieszka bladzik I have mixed feelings about tookapic as well. Featured part is dead, photos of the day seems random. Many people left yet like you said some of new with good photos are unrecognised. New version is this magic thing I heard about in spring and we have October and there is nothing, no improvement, no promotion, not even a b-day meeting. Is tookapic dead inside?

Maciej Chomik Hopefully not. :(

Paweł Kadysz First of all, I really hope it's not the same place it was at the beginning.

Second, people change. And that's also good.

I hear you and I hope new version of Tookapic will solve some of the problems you mention. I can't however force people to post insightful comments. I can be an example and hope that people will follow. So can you. The question is... are you an example to follow?

As for the photo of the day algorithm - this obviously doesn't work very well at the moment and should be fixed. You're absolutely right.

That said, I really wish I could read your mind, but I can't.

So my suggestion is... write me an email starting with "Hey Pawel, I thought about Tookapic and how it changed over the years and I have few ideas that I'm pretty sure could improve the experience for both long-time users as well as the newcomers. Here they are:..."

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