tania Buchillon ??! Where ?

NatZ ^^ La zone de détente Les Mellières. Les restes de poteaux sont juste à côté de la digue centrale. It is a really nice place to go, especially in summer with the kids. Do you know this place?

Bruce Cool capture NatZ :-) Neutral density filters let you take long exposures too even in bright light; Or dull dark gray days :-)

NatZ Thank you. I’ve been thinking about it since I bought this camera. I really really have go and get one. 😅
And a tripod. I will then gain more sharpness (and above all, my camera won’t be in danger of falling in the water anymore 🙈)

Bruce Right, it is good to have both. I have 3 tripods, because there is never one that works in all situations. I hate using a tripod, but I never regret using one when I see how sharp a long exposure can be compared to hand-held.

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