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Bruce A disco ball? 😂

Viola Qniej yes - a Christmas tree bauble that R. got from her grandmother 😂😂

Bruce I'm sure R. will be a great dancer :-)

Viola Qniej but she is already dancing 😂 especially for this song: youtube.com/watch?v=o3o83ka-xY...

Bruce Ha, what a great video. Thanks for sharing :-)

Bruce Hey, V, I just noticed you are very close to finishing Year 4. That is an amazing amount of creativity :-)

Viola Qniej uhmm, I think it's my last year here, probably. thank you! 😊☺

Bruce After 4 years, that's understandable. I hope you continue your photography in some fashion because it is inspiring :-)

Viola Qniej thank you for appreciating my photos! honestly, I rarely feel that someone likes what I do. the more I'm happy to inspire you :)

Bruce One thing that has always struck me about your images, is that there is always an emotional aspect to them, just like your quote from David duChemin states. Plus your unique creativity in layering images, double exposures, textures, etc. I am sure I am not the only one who thinks so :-)

Viola Qniej it's interesting ... sometimes I have the impression that people run away from emotions, do not read photos, do not think about it too much. in photography I like poetry, surrealism, understatement... I like it when the photo moves me, exactly like that!

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