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Bruce Superb image... what a cool necklace 👌👌😊😊

Viola Kuniej uhmm, I love it. moon phases especially for me ☺

Bruce Opals reflect light from interstitial water molecules which gives them their unique character, plus moon phases so cool/even cooler 👌😊😊

Viola Kuniej natural gens are the best! I believe in their power ☺

Bruce Just keep your opals away from water, that can cause them to cloud up. Blue sapphires are pretty cool too :-).

Viola Kuniej in this picture it looks very poor, but in fact it beautifully opalesses. from what I have read, the moisture does not hurt him, rather the sun and drying up. sapphires are not my color.

Bruce Either way, very pretty. Peridot is my colour; the Greeks and Romans believed it instilled nobility, but that hasn't been my experience, at least so far :-).

Viola Kuniej It's interesting, I did not know this stone before... I also appreciate the mountain crystal and the tiger's eye

Bruce Once, when I was hiking in the mountains in British Columbia, our geology class visited an old copper mine. In the tailings I saw a flash of light, and found a small quartz crystal, perfectly clear like glass. I lost it later, so apparently I wasn't meant to have it :-).

Viola Kuniej probably 😂

Bruce It rejected me 😂😊

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