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Viola Qniej dzięki!

LIDO R wie co jest dla niej niedobre 😉

Viola Qniej tak, stanowczo wolała łuk i tarczę :)

Bruce That's because it's not one of these... youtube.com/watch?v=NmsbbN4D4v...


Viola Qniej omg! it is wonderful! what a talent! I do not know if R. would like a tiara, but me certainly do hahaha

Bruce Wasn't that video amazing? The craftsmanship was incredible :-). Hmmm...V in a WW tiara... you should do it! :-). I wonder if that person is going to make bracelets to go with it. That would be cool :-)

Bruce And Happy Mother’s Day btw 😊😊

Viola Qniej hahaha cool! I love this boho style bracelets, do you know?

Viola Qniej ooooh, thank you so much, you're very kind, B!

Bruce Yes I've seen them, very cool! :-)

Bruce :-) :-)

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