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Bruce "Mommy! Help Me! I'm stuck!" :-)

Viola Qniej Noooo, it's a carousel 😂😂

Bruce Ha, she does look very determined :-)

Viola Qniej and very, very fast :)

Bruce But parents are faster haha :-)

Viola Qniej hope so... 😂

Comment was deleted

Viola Qniej Ja też lubię, choć tą niezależnościa już daje mi popalić... 😂

Bruce Try having two daughters like that :-)

Viola Qniej noooo, thanks hahhahaha

Bruce It looks like your hands are pretty full already ha. :-)

Viola Qniej and it isn't funny... 😂

Bruce True, I I've forgotten how overwhelming it can be :-)

Viola Qniej lucky you!

Bruce It WILL get easier, I promise :-)

Viola Qniej uhmmm...

gr65 Calineczka :)

Viola Qniej o, ciekawe skojarzenie 😍

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