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Roman Czarny Anyway palette failed to protect hands before painting

Cool idea a super performance

Eugene Alexeev @Roman, thanks! Photographing the process of painting was my wife's idea. I worked late yesterday and had to outsource ideation. The composition and lighting was my idea.

@Satoshi, I failed to mention the lighting set up! There is a shoot-through umbrella above and left of the palette. It is on a boom and almost a meter above the subject. There is a second flash nearly level to the palette 45 degrees off to the upper right. This lighting setup worked quite well for many shots and gave the paint a pleasing form. I failed to recognize that for this shot the right hand had such strong shadows. It is something I fought during editing but did not succeed in neutralizing. If I were to do it again, the second light would have moved more to the right in order to illuminate the top of the hand more evenly.

Satoshi T I also think second light might move more the right, but take care of direct reflection from paint! :) Thank you @Eugene !

Eugene Alexeev A question to any visitor who likes this photo: what do you like about it? My wife and I are really surprised that this image and not some others have received 50+ likes. I'd be happy to hear any rationale for the likes.