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120mr I have to ask - what scanner do you use? Those negative scanners are some black magic to me, but I spend too much in the lab for not so good quality scans.

Daniel Zaleski TL;DR: Epson V600. Context: please bear in mind that I shoot mostly medium format B&W negatives - i.e. I develop these at home. I shoot 135
"small" format only for the 365 daily project (and strongly consider switching to MF....). Iscan all my negatives - these are kind of a digital contact print (or rather replace the contact print). I cull my analog photos in PC, use low res files for social media (FB and IG). Still I print the photos in darkroom = I do not use scans for printing in the commercial photo lab. If I planned to do so, I would use Epson V700 or V800 (but these scanners are crazy expnsive). Now back to your question: if you need to scan 135 format negatives you should consider different scanners, the flatbed like V600 is not the best (or even good) option. There are dedicated scanners for these negatives that will give you better quality and will be cheaper. But if you do not shoot too much film, it is still cheaper and more comfortable to have it scanned in the lab or use your DSLR to "scan" (this is quite a common approach)

120mr Thank you! I didn't expect so detailed answer. You are right, that low res is good for website, but not to print. Maybe I should consider to start developing photos by myself like you. You have control of the all elements of the pic then. It should be cheaper than a scanner and I could practise work in darkroom. :)

Daniel Zaleski @120mr yes, that is a good plan!