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Tell Your Story, the Unfiltered and Human Way

Tookapic is a 365-day photo-sharing platform that encourages you to not only remember the extraordinary days, but to also give thanks to the beautiful, ordinary days in between.

Day 69
#monochrom #blackandwhite #sun #sky #cloud #amazingpeople
Day 899
Mountains and clouds fighting for control
Day 774
Day 863
Kiedyś byłam różą... / I used to be a rose ....
Day 1,307
Karlskrona day 1
We arrived in the morning to Karlskrona. Riding bikes till very end of day, around little town on islands. Great day, too little sun...
Day 539
539. Fruits
Friends visited us today. :) #fruits #cherry #strawberry #raspberry #red #yumny #summer
Day 1,329
Day 1,076
Day 172
Show Time 2
Day 538
niebo się nagina...
Day 900
The nest under the canopy of the leaves
The little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius) is sitting in the nest located on the small island under the cano...
Day 902
Time for cleaning the car
Day 907
I finally took my bike for a ride. For a while it helped me to forget about everything. For a while.
Day 1,716
Day 1,385
Kramp Cup
Day 1,404
Shanghai Today
Day 536
Sunset in the mountains
Znów udało się wyskoczyć w góry i zrobić 20km, cudowna pogoda i widoki, a na zdjęciu jeden z ostatnich 🌤️🌤️ #sunset #sun #moun...
Day 1,016
The Park
Finally! A workable milky way shot. 2.5 hours of travelling, shooting for 45 minutes, and then another 2.5 hours to get home. I'm not sure if...
Day 1,044
- Threat Signal - Through My Eyes - https://youtu.be/Bk7QzVrfT-U
Day 1,631
Lots of tests to determine what's up
Day 1,161
Hey y'all! I think I'm back after short break 😊