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Day 1,679
Day 73
Coś, co nie jest efektem mrozu.
Day 1,852
Bread fail
Another one.
Day 390
Two tiny islands
Day 743
Day 1,486
a zimą...
Day 1,409
container terminal
Day 1,256
Late Night Snack
McDonald's to the rescue.
Day 2,362
Young Grey Heron
There was no sign of the young Heron this morning I wandered right round the loch but could not see her. I went back up about 3 hours...
Day 24
Uwielbiam takie widoki podczas biegania ❤
Day 2,242
Day 1,963
A hot boy trying to cool down :(
Day 755
Kolorowo zimą
Day 1,656
Day 1,655
#sushi #sushi-time
Day 1,654
#theme-winter #winter #zima
Day 1,839
Tuesday Morning Sky
Day 22
Redish cuddle little kitten
Day 23
He simply loves what he is doing !!
Day 1
I've been messing around with a new Tri-X 400 recipe on the Fujifilm, and it's been a lot of fun so far. I couldn't get out today to take pictur...
Day 428
Kaleidoscope [day 24]