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Day 872
Day 1,594
Day 1
big plans
saturday, 18th of january -> the best day for new year's resolutions ;) thanks @pawelkadysz for motivation boost
Day 79
Best View
Hopefully I have time to pick up the camera and take some decent photos in daylight in the weekend..
Day 748
748. It's mine!
#Leon #dog #doggo #relax #sleep #play
Day 982
Day 44
Day 414
Homemade pizza
Friends, wine and canasta
Day 806
come back
Day 1,141
I had a very nice evening ...
.. with friends, which I haven't seen for a long time. Conversations, laughs, nuts, beer ;)
Day 1,928
Smart notes
Finishing this one. It's not what I expected, but still a very good book. Definitely worth reading. It's more about learning in general th...
Day 1,927
No snow, but we had some frost and fog this morning.
Day 1,091
Do obejrzenia reszty zdjęć zapraszam tutaj :
Day 19
Wspomnienie dzieciństwa
Day 1,112
Day 64
Bye Bye Christmas Time
Day 1,310
Pays Sage
Day 17
Samotność w tłumie
Day 7
Dziś niestety brakło czasu na przemyślane zdjęcie. Dla odmiany coś innego :) Zrobione w łóżeczku turystycznym w chwili gdy córka ziewała.