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Day 987
Hot Ideas
We had a first "Hot Ideas & Cold Drinks" meetup in Hacklag today. It's amazing what people are working on and what they're achieving. Great...
Day 829
Spent the Saturday at the office. Got really productive in the afternoon. Saturdays at the office are good for work, not for photos unfortunately...
Day 883
I went to the meet.js today. A meetup for front-end developers. It took place in the office I'm working in, so I actually didn't go anywhere....
Day 923
Office view
Samsung sent me the new Galaxy A5 so I can test its' camera capabilities. I guess, I'm going to be joining @zzmysl in a mobile photography...
Day 731
Thank you!
The party went great. The people were great. It was really awesome night. Thank you all for coming. Thank you for making tookapic better! W...
Day 806
I had a nice, long talk with one of our new users about photography, tookapic, business, etc. He signed up today. You might want to follo...
Day 86
Today I had the opportunity to lead a #QGIS software workshop. It was three hours worked conscientious within the welcoming walls of #hackla...
Day 285
GISspot #3
In the middle of summer, with a nightmare of calamity, another technological meeting devoted to spatial and mapping technologies took place...