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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#6 60/365
312 streak
Day 1,885
Not quite right.
Town run today and notice the the alleyway beside the V&S has twinkle light up. Looked very cool... Cooler than this photo. Should go...
Day 1,884
M'eh Quality of a Surprise
Was headin' out to top up the bird feeders, only to find that my new Squirrel Deterrent had arrived. Spent about fifteen mi...
Day 1,883
Snow Squalls
A day for blowing snow, and folks who don't know how to use headlights.
Day 1,882
Nuthatch on a Rainy Day
Day 1,881
Meh, AR toys
Playing with the in camera AR stuff on my phone. Kinda neat... I guess...
Day 1,880
Went shopping in the big city today. The shopping carts have some funky new handles.... How odd.
Day 1,879
Day 1,878
Another new phone
Time to switch providers. Time for a new phone. Also: here's a picture of my car stuck in a snow bank.
Day 1,877
Snow Rack.
With the collapse of the Murry-Dome, we figured it'd make sense to tackle some of the other roofs.
Day 1,876
Not the sort of surprise you want
The cover-all has collapsed. No word on damages.
Day 1,875
Olympus Pen EE 2
Mom's camera, by way of her dad. This is the first camera I really remember. I've had the chance to use itnince or twice, was neat, b...
Day 1,874
You know what I haven't shot in forever? A peek-a-boo squirrel. Your welcome!
Day 1,873
Not a pair of Pileated Woodpeckers
So, today, my colleague was out on the grounds and sent me a photo. A pair of Pileated Woodpeckers were doing there...
Day 1,872
Not feeling it today...
... so enjoy my keys.
Day 1,871
More Grosbeak Adventures
Happy with how this one turned out. Hoping for a bit of a warm spell soon so I can spend longer outdoors.
Day 1,870
Could be worsf
Lots and lots of snow over the weekend. #theme-cold
Day 1,869
Snowfall for a Grosbeak
Day 1,868
Day 1,867
Great Backyard Bird Count
Day 1,866
Another Day in Town
Time to dry the laundry.
Day 1,865
Not today Grosbeaks, not today
Not today Grosbeaks, not today Instead of yet another bird picture I offer up the view from outside coffee room, featuring the Public Washrooms (close...
Day 1,864
Another Day of Grosbeaks
Seems like most of my bird shots of late include at least a single Evening Grosbeak. Not gonna apologies for it either; I loo...
Day 1,863
Canon XT
This is the first DLSR I ever spent any serious time on. Spent a summer working at a children's camp and fell in love. Bought my own a year l...
Day 1,862
Another added to 5MR
Sure, this is a fun picture, but even better is the Common Redpoll that I got to add to my 5MR count for the year.