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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#6 161/365
413 streak
Day 1,986
While I was heading out I came across this grouse (forest chicken) sitting in the middle of the road. Did my errands and who did I f...
Day 1,985
Out for a walk and stumbled across a Geocache.
Day 1,984
Not my Virtue
Waiting isn't my strong suit. Spent an hour wait for the puppies to show up. Might have heard 'em, but might not have as well. Here's a...
Day 1,983
Fox Season!
I'm fairly certain I spooked some foxes yesterday while heading out for a walk. Makes since; the last two years, around this time, is when...
Day 1,982
Unrelated Updates and Rambling.
First: We swept Winnipeg to take the North Division! Not sure how far my Canadiens are gonna make it, bit it's already...
Day 1,981
It's bad luck to be superstitious.
At least that's what my Dad always says. What does this have to do with with stunning Blanding's Turtle? Absolutely...
Day 1,980
Day 1,979
With a bee
Mostly an overcast and hazy day. But here's a bee hanging out with an iris.
Day 1,978
Blue Flag Iris
One of my favourite marsh plants. I think part of my day tomorrow (depending on weather, of course) might include sitting by the wetlan...
Day 1,977
Turtle Season
Snappers and Painteds have been out doing their thing the last few days.
Day 1,976
no time, here's a goose. now to watch hockey. Go Habs Go!
Day 1,975
Eastern Phoebe
'nother day, 'nother bird. Sadly, no hummingbirds yet. According to the Provincial Government Hummingbird Feeders aren't 'essential' en...
Day 1,974
Fox Season
If past experiences count for anything, Fox Season is upon us. Less bird pictures and more baby foxes are in the future. But not today... T...
Day 1,973
Making the most of what you've got
In my case: Cool ducks (Wood Ducks), pleasant background lighting, fading light, and ducks that are just too damn f...
Day 1,972
Nice quite day... except for the generator going off (stupid power outage) and a certain sapsucker playing at telegraph opporator.
Day 1,971
Post-Bear Results.
Shortly before 4am this morning a black bear got in touch with its inner bird. Sadly, two feeders were destroyed (an update from ea...
Day 1,970
Need to get closer... but not *too* close.
Need to get closer... but not too close. Shot this from about... I dunno... 20m maybe? I'm really bad at guessing measurements. Mosquitos were out so...
Day 1,969
First Hummingbird of the Year!
Put out the feeder over the weekend. Today, I finally got a visitor!
Day 1,968
Copied from our camp's Facebook Staff Group: Now, you youngins probably don't remember, but back in the day there was this TV show called "L...
Day 1,967
Poor Crop
But it does count for the #theme-blue and that's a good thing.
Day 1,966
Cell Phone Field Picture
Heading into town and didn't want to leave my camera in the car. Saw another Blanding's in one of the marshes. Photo, GPS, ti...
Day 1,965
While the early bird gets the worm...
... the late afternoon bird (American Robin) can enjoy some sort of grub.
Day 1,964
Day 1,963
The Season of Blood and Pain
Also known as Blackfly Season. Plans to go out looking for Red and Painted Trilliums fell apart... FAST. Swarmed by bitin...