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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#5 82/365
700 streak
Day 1,542
Day 1,541
Pandemic Group Photo
Group photo of my office support team during these trying times.
Day 1,540
Mourning Dove
Just a dove.
Day 1,539
Not the Creepy I was going for...
#theme-creepy This wasn't the photo I wanted to share. There were so many other creepy images out today... ... the e...
Day 1,538
First Pileated
My first pileated woodpecker!
Day 1,537
Lazy Sunday Afternoon
Just what the title implies, just a lazy Sunday afternoon of mucking about the house, feeding my birds and getting myself psyche...
Day 1,536
One re squirrel on a sunny later Saturday morning.
Day 1,535
That's it, that's all
Layoffs are now in effect. We had a wee gathering before shutting down.
Day 1,534
Workplace Hijinks
I am not a very handy guy. I can swing a hammer... under very controlled setting while under the direct care and supervision of a re...
Day 1,533
A reminder
We just laid off most of the team this morning. I'm one of the lucky ones; I'm still working 2.5 days a week. These shutdown are needed. So...
Day 1,532
SURPRISE!!! SNOW!!! #theme-at-home The easiest part of Social Distancing is being distant from other social people.
Day 1,531
Post Lunch News Conference
The team waits for the PM's update. Why have I tagged this for the At Home theme? Easy, I literally live at work. I fuller...
Day 1,530
COVID-19 Sam
Things are getting... more... around here. Lots of emails and notices about events shutting down. Lots of walking on eggshells. Lots of w...
Day 1,529
The Quest for TP
I'm legitimately out of toilet paper. Literally put the last roll on the holder about a week ago. Panic buying has meant it's been ve...
Day 1,528
New Tool
Word came down from head office today. Covid-19 screenings are to begin for all visitors to the property. Here is a moody and edgy picture of...
Day 1,527
Spring is slowly coming.
Day 1,526
Trying not to complain.
But today wasn't very good. Spent about $500 on the car (regular maintenance) only to find out I'll need to come back next for...
Day 1,525
It doesn't look it, but springtime is upon us.
Day 1,524
Effort.... what effort
Streak day. Here's an oddity, one of my ravens stopped by the feeder today.
Day 1,523
Day 1,522
Another Day Another Hairy
Day 1,521
Day 1,520
Two volunteer firefighters I work with. They had an early morning call.
Day 1,519
little blue
just a little blue jay sitting on a stem doing it's little blue jay things.