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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#5 187/365
74 streak
Day 1,647
Macro Play
Because, why not!
Day 1,646
Just a mood pic today.
Day 1,645
Water Plant Sunset
Yesterday we had a systems failure at the water plant (air compressor died, leaving certain valves open). While wait for the mainte...
Day 1,644
Mourning Dove
Day 1,643
Paddle Shack
Sunset picture of the shack of paddles.
Day 1,642
Wood Duck
Whole mess of deer flies out today. Not fun... not fun at all. What was fun: Seeing this male Wood Duck
Day 1,641
Portrait of a Squirel
I came, I saw, I made a portrait.
Day 1,640
Day 1,639
Napping Tree Rat
Day 1,638
White Satin Moth
Simple picture today... truth be told, I'm really surprised this uploaded on my first try; it was heavily cropped.
Day 1,637
Day 1,636
Brown-headed Cowbird
A non-invasive brood parasite, I've been enjoying the calls of these birds last couple of week.
Day 1,635
Stupid Birds
Stupid Birds didn't like the stupid perch I put out to get better stupid photos. But I'll show them! I'll find an even STUPIDER! perch th...
Day 1,634
Purple Finch
I've got something to do tomorrow... but for the live of me I can't remember what it is. Oh well, if I can't figure it out I'm gonna setu...
Day 1,633
Sparks a flying
Not sure whatsgoijg on, but the guys were talkin' about putting a hemi in the golf cart.
Day 1,632
Day 1,631
Twin Flower
Out this evening with the macro lens for a bit. Found a patch of twin flowers!
Day 1,630
Took a picture of a turkey.
But obviously this isn't a turkey. No, this is a pair of leaves growing out of a birch log that was cut sometime last autu...
Day 1,629
Damage Report
I was reminded this afternoon that the Cowbirds have been paying a lot of attention to the work truck (mostly sitting on it and such). W...
Day 1,628
Day 1,627
American Robin and some Fuzzball
This picture of an American Robin was photobombed by one of the fox pups... ... Okay, not really, but it was kinda co...
Day 1,626
Underrated Benefit of the Lockdown
No line up for the laundry room! While it's unfortunate to have most everyone furloughed, it is nice to be able to...
Day 1,625
Cheat Day
Calling it. This squirrel has the right idea; just take a nice easy day. Nothing's wrong with that.
Day 1,624
Just a turtle going for a walk.