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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#8 264/365
11 streak
Day 2,819
Library visit
It's Thursday, so it's a day to go to the library and do some studying.
Day 2,818
Make it so
Day 2,817
Day 2,816
The loooong day
On campus for 8:30am. Heading out from campus at 8:30pm.
Day 2,815
Day 2,814
Classes are going. I'm caught back up for the most part. Tomorrow: Nothing at all. Tonight: Sleep. Now: Low effort picture of an elephant toy.
Day 2,813
School Fuel
Day 2,812
Day 2,811
Why yes, my college does have an indoor climbing wall
Day 2,810
Day 2,809
G Building
Home of the School of Information Technology. Today's Spot (and yeah, I think I'll be capitalizing that word for now on) is G1010. Home to...
Day 2,808
Day 2,807
Mission a marginal success
I need a way to tell my bag and equipment from everyone else's bag and equipment. The cables are easy to do. I'm gonna put...
Day 2,806
Whelp, I survived. It wasn't even all that scary. Sure, at times the halls and public places can get a little on the crowded side, I'm still trying to...
Day 2,805
Scarecrow Town
Day 2,804
A dog's view
Spent time with the dog just looking out the window.
Day 2,803
Description Coming Soon. On Monday I noticed a number of (art?) students walking around taking pictures of these paintings. I'm assuming it was part o...
Day 2,802
Day 2,801
Day 2,800
Sure, why not.
One last Bark Lake get together. Watched Liv and Connor tie the knot, hung out with my team, and did a lot of driving.
Day 2,799
Bookends of a career
Back in Haliburton for the week (colleague is getting married tomorrow). Crashing at the ever popular Motel Minden. This is the s...
Day 2,798
The 'Light' day...
No scheduled classes today. I thought that it'd be a good opportunity to get start on two of my asynchronous online classes. Three...
Day 2,797
I did a thing!
Replaced the RAM (upgraded to 2X16GB) and added a second SSD. The whole time I was worried that I would mess up in some way and have a...
Day 2,796
Orientation Day
Well, that was a day. Still need to get some books, my student card, and prolly about two dozen other things.