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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#8 30/365
20 streak
Day 2,585
Anger and frustration and disappointment
Ordered a new phone. Was expecting it today. Imagine my surprise when the Tracking Number showed that it was...
Day 2,584
Plus One!!!
After a couple of days of -40 degree weather we hit a high of +1! This black-capped chickadee seemed to enjoy the sudden warm spell.
Day 2,583
Even colder
An even can colder today. Nice day to stay in store and play a game with friends. Now... I just need my friends to show up
Day 2,582
Minus Stupid Cold
It reached -37 today. This blue jay wasn't very happy about it.
Day 2,581
Truth in Advertising
Day 2,580
The cheque really was in the mail
As a hobby I like to do surveys. Nothing big, just answer some questions about things and get entered into a draw. A...
Day 2,579
Eat and Go
Day 2,578
Look at that snow fly!
Ritchie was out with the blower this morning. Always amazes me just how far that snow gets thrown.
Day 2,577
Hunkered Down
So. Much. Snow. No reason to go anywhere so I think I'll just stay in.
Day 2,576
Beep, beep, beep...
Was going to sleep in this morning. The smoke detector outside the apartment had a different idea. Today's goals:. Make some chili...
Day 2,575
An end to a day
Did my errands. Got groceries. Washed laundry. And took some pictures. Saw a car covered with Canadian flags, an anti-Trudeau sign in...
Day 2,574
Just a bit of snow you might say
Significant snow fall over night. The drifts were up past my knee. Hat for scale.
Day 2,573
Birds of a feather
Day 2,572
Tools for being nosey
There a home for sale not to far from where I work. Wanted to check out the asking price. Sadly I need to register with the reta...
Day 2,571
Nuthatch in the tree.
One of those "Oh my god it's finally sort of where I want it to be" kind of shots.
Day 2,570
Looking for Scraps
In the late afternoon the Chickadees will often hang out beneath the feeders looking for scraps. What's odd about this: There is st...
Day 2,569
Attempt number how knows
But it's some sixty-plus hours over a number of years (according to Steam at any rate). Maybe I'll finish Pathfinder: Kingmak...
Day 2,568
Reason not to carry the real camera...
... I'm way more likely to see wildlife. Like this Barred Owl.
Day 2,567
All Caught Up
Only twenty days into the New Year and I've been caught with my pants down... Or at least I have kept on top of uploading photos. Here's...
Day 2,566
Changing the Turn Single
In today's installment of "Adventures in Mechanical Stuff" Joe and Ritchie discover that it's a right royal pain in the ass t...
Day 2,565
Day 2,564
Not even a year (or is it closer to two years)
I just don't know. Regardless, I don't have the receipt for these Under Armour shoes and I think the tr...
Day 2,563
*NOT* a New Year's Resolution
NOT a New Year's Resolution Been wanting to see if a treadmill would help with my fitness/exercise goals. Colleague had one laying about, so let's giv...
Day 2,562
Out of focus
Bright sunny day today and the chickadees were looking for stuff on the ground. The shadows/lights made for some interesting pictures. I...