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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#6 264/365
9 streak
Day 2,089
Back on the water
Day 2,088
Rainfall Warning
Loads of rain of late. Enough the the creek is looking more like the Spring Thaw than early fall.
Day 2,087
Moody, Wet Forested Road
Just my road, all wet and moody and stuff! #theme-forest
Day 2,086
Little Mushroom in a Big Forest
Day 2,085
Promised Obligatory Election Day Vote
What a morning. Needed to get some blood work done and made a new... 'Friend' isn't the right word; 'Causal acqu...
Day 2,084
Just a sign on the side of the 121. Tomorrow: Obligatory Election Day Photo.
Day 2,083
Some times...
Some times being a bird is hard. I mean, where's the seed???
Day 2,082
Sunset at Point on a Mid-September Day
Pretty just what the title says. :)
Day 2,081
COVID Test Site
Day 2,080
Just the boardroom.
Day 2,079
Double-creasted Cormorant
And with this, I'm tied with last year's total bird count for my little patch of the world; 52 unique species.
Day 2,078
Just my marsh. Hidden in the picture is a pair of wood ducks
Day 2,077
Mean Streets of a Semi Abandoned Camp
A moody desaturated picture. #theme-street-photography
Day 2,076
Just a random shot of my truck because I don't know what to shoot today
Day 2,075
(English) Debate Night in Canada
Tonight I'll be watching TWO English language debates. The first is for the area riding (only found out about it this...
Day 2,074
Wedding Video
I don't like making videos. It feels like I'm coming shallow and fake. None the less, I made an awkward congratulatory video for a coupl...
Day 2,073
Heron on the Creek
I seem to get this picture around this time every year or so. I don't always post it, but none-the-less, take it all the same. Ther...
Day 2,072
Eat and Run
Just a quite day. Well... except for the existential of waking up at 12:04 in the morning fearing that you didn't take a picture for the d...
Day 2,071
No more That old decrepit building out on the 503 is no more. The new question bis, how long will the debris like l...
Day 2,070
Day 2,069
Advice from a strip mall basement washroom.
A hand painted sign in the basement of an area mall.
Day 2,068
Day 2,067
My 150-600 sees you! At about a kilometer away at that!
Day 2,066
Return of the Cart
Been a long while since we've spotted a Green-sided Golf cart on-site. Today was an okay day.