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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#4 316/365
567 streak
Day 1,409
Near the End of the Road
The tuck shop is mostly cleared out now. Next steps: setting up the new place.
Day 1,408
Signs, signs...
... a basement full of signs.
Day 1,407
First brushing of the season.
The one thing I hate more than everything else this time of the year is brushing off the snow. Sometimes, it's easy (lig...
Day 1,406
Day 1,405
Senior Leadership Retreat
An action packed day of review, analysis, and capital budget wishlisting.
Day 1,404
Day 1,403
Today is the first day of Project FeederWatch for 2019! FW is a citizen science project where members of the private monitor their...
Day 1,402
Not the one I wanted to share
I tookapic yesterday that I'm actually quite proud of. The photo in question is a group of twenty or so high school stud...
Day 1,401
Joe (‘s cellphone) vs a Cement Floor
Take two. Had a witty write up for this post. It was full of self deprecating humour and important life lessons (...
Day 1,400
The facilitators spent the day doing inventory and cleaning in the Equipment Centre. Snapped a quick picture that'll prolly make an appeara...
Day 1,399
Just did it.
I was listening to the podcast Picture This on my walk this evening. The episode was all about getting out of your rut, something that I'...
Day 1,398
Sad results after the time change
By the time I was done work for the day it was too dark to go and shoot. Sad really. Instead of some intentional pho...
Day 1,397
Blue Jay
haven't shot a bird in forever. feederwatch starts next week... might as well break out the long lens and get some practice in.
Day 1,396
Red Pine Plantation
Another in my series of attempts at capturing the plantation. Not to be all Artsy-fartsy here, but there is diffidently a mood or...
Day 1,395
Post Halloween Surprise.
Woke up to some snow this morning.
Day 1,394
Haunted Servery
Some Halloween fun from my friends in the Kitchen. Boo.
Day 1,393
Day 1,392
All Day Standby
Late start for work today, which was probably for the best (alarm/phone) didn't go off this morning). Been preparing most of the day f...
Day 1,391
Dawn in the marsh.
In early today and caught this before the fog rolled in.
Day 1,390
Because he'll ask
The Big Bods Man will be asking for some updates on the new Gift Shop. One step ahead of ya man! Here's the Tuck Shop at Birch Cabin...
Day 1,389
Day 1,388
Man with Broom
A post game silhouette.
Day 1,387
Happy Birthday
Even if Dave's face doesn't convey it, it really did enjoy his birthday cupcake.
Day 1,386
A very good day.
Got to the club earlier than normal (thanks to a middle of the week day off), shot a qualifying round at 20 yards, captured this suns...