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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#5 261/365
148 streak
Day 1,721
Spotted Sandpiper...
...maybe. A not overly good photo, but a lifer for me... if it is what I think it is.
Day 1,720
Swanson's Thrush
A New-to-Me bird. This rare 'lil guy was sitting on the gravel for about an hour before flying away.
Day 1,719
Day 1,718
Unfocused and unsure
Just m'eh....
Day 1,717
Checkpoint Charlie
One of my colleagues came to visit today. Sadly, she couldn't come on site. Instead we visited at the gate for an hour or so.
Day 1,716
The Wheel on My Car Goes Squeak, Squeak, Squeak...
Fortunately I don't drive much. This means when my car starts to act up I can take the time to inve...
Day 1,715
Work in the Yard
The guys gettin' some sign ready to go out.
Day 1,714
Not many more like this.
Soon it'll be to cold to sit out and enjoy the weather.
Day 1,713
Day 1,712
Day 1,711
Ritchie at the Bog, with the Bog Stick of SCIENCE
Good day, all-in-all. Ritchie and I spent some time on the trails, marking spots for interpretive si...
Day 1,710
Day 1,709
Day 1,708
Not many folks like the results of tent caterpillars. The nests aren't pretty and they can leave a tree bare. But even the ugly ought to be shown...
Day 1,707
A fungus on the forest floor.
Day 1,706
Waterfront Sunset (Second Upload)
A pretty sunset(ish) photo of the bay at Waterfront.
Day 1,705
More renovations around site.
Day 1,704
A bit of a heavy shower just around sunset today. #theme-weather
Day 1,703
Silver Canoe Charm.
Day 1,702
Day before 13th Anniversary
Tomorrow I celebrate my thirteenth work anniversary (the first Wednesday after Labour Day). I was thinking about all the c...
Day 1,701
Texture Needed
Still plugging away on my COVID Project. A couple-a-few weeks or more ago my schedule changed. I need to find a way to denote a week da...
Day 1,700
Random Flowers
On the side of the driveway are some random flowers. Here's a close-up. Dunno what they are, but I'm aiming to find out.
Day 1,699
Day 1,698
Never the Right Kit
... cute deer doe and her fawns... nothing but a cellphone.