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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#7 19/365
128 streak
Day 2,209
An Elusive Downy
Been seeing this Downy Woodpecker at the feeders lately. Not every day, but often enough.
Day 2,208
A slow return to 'normal'
some time back, a few months at least, I had a leak in the apartment. part of the cleaning process involved clearing everyth...
Day 2,207
Week 3: Second Go
Been thinking about the black and white I shot earlier this week. Decided try something a bit different.
Day 2,206
A sparrow in a tree... finally
So many sightings of my Tree Sparrows recently, but finally got a picture of one in a tree. Also: saw some goldfinches...
Day 2,205
Snowfall Warnings Remain in the Effect`
Yup, we got snow. In Canada. In the winter. Still, some folks just don't seem to understand that this shouldn'...
Day 2,204
Week Three : Astrid Kirchherr
(... and the soul crushing feeling of Imposter Syndrom) Another submission to the 52 Week Challenge over at r/clondon52....
Day 2,203
Another Day / Another Model
Local Red Squirrel decided to get in on the mug-shot fun.
Day 2,202
Day 2,201
Mug of Happy
Spent an hour or so getting the birds use to the mug. Only this chickadee was brave enough to check it out. Probably going to do more of...
Day 2,200
Day 2,199
I bet there's a link.
If you check THE EXIF for this photo you'll notice it was taken on my cell. One of my goals for this year is to reduce my relian...
Day 2,198
First of the Year
Confirmed that the Purple Finches are back in the neighbourhood. Shot through some dirty glass (front door window) sadly, but I need...
Day 2,197
[Preface: Heavy editing in Lightroom (shadows, highlights, dehaze, contrast, probably more) in order to bring out my question] I don't expect any...
Day 2,196
Week 2: Passion
Week 2: Passion As part of the Weekly Photo Challenge over on r/clondon52, we were prompted to talk about our passions. So, here we go: * Photography...
Day 2,195
Not a Card, but Not a Throwaway
Sometimes I just gotta take a picture because I'm just not 100% sure. Like now. I'm all but certain that I'm looking a...
Day 2,194
Press the Shutter
Okay, so, important note: In order to make a photo you need to press the shutter. Willing it to go isn't enough; one must put the ph...
Day 2,193
Notecard Blue
Bit of snow, bit of clouds, and a whole load of jays. Might have a winner here.
Day 2,192
It was a very dull day. The weather was m'eh, work was m'eh, even the birds were m'eh. At least the squirrels took advantage of the situation to...
Day 2,191
Return of the Angery Bird
Finally managed to get my eyes on a flock of Evening Grossbeaks this afternoon. While not a Note Card-worthy image, it certa...
Joe finished 365 project #6!
Day 2,190
Been visit Funk Town for a while now. Please don't confuse Funk Town with Funky Town. The latter is a an expression for the simple, repetitive ye...
Day 2,189
Air Mail
Needed a picture to thanks someone for a Christmas Card. I think this'll work. Good afternoon, I certainly hope this email finds you and your...
Day 2,188
Not the Way to End the Year
Sadly, Betty White has passed away. All the jokes about "Sliced Bread being the best thing since Betty White" or the "Quic...
Day 2,187
Home is where the water tastes right
Back in Haliburton after a couple of weeks in Southwestern Ontario. It was nice, but it's also nice to get back h...
Day 2,186