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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#5 13/365
631 streak
Day 1,473
Whatta mess of a day. What was suppose to be a day off turned into an on-and-off campaign of background support. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy t...
Day 1,472
Project WET
Day 1,471
After action report
Post-Opening Day for the new Tuck Shop. Sure, we've had a couple of soft launches back in 2019, but this was our first for-realisy...
Day 1,470
Kinda Random
New poster holder thingy at work. Check out all them posters and things.
Day 1,469
Day 1,468
Training Too
Doing better today... not much... but better. Still frustrated with work and kinda wish I was able to just take off. Winning the lotto wo...
Day 1,467
Don't Interrupt Me
Not what I would call the name of this photo (no, I'd call this "Serious Skiing Face"). The title "Don't Interrupt Me" refers to ho...
Day 1,466
Day 1,465
Picture of the new sign to Housekeeping. Lookin good.
Day 1,464
A random picture of a apple core.
Ever have a day where you just had a need to take a picture of an apple core? I mean, you woke up in the morning and...
Day 1,463
Day 1,462
Day 1,461
New Toys New Signs
The maintenance team got some new toys over the break. They spent some time putting up new signs around site. Lookin pretty slick.
Joe finished 365 project #4!
Day 1,460
Hiary Woodpecker
Late day picture of the hairy at the suite feeder.
Day 1,459
More art
I remeber making this. The big blue thing at the bottom is an inflatable whale. My younger brother and sister are the red amd yellow people s...
Day 1,458
Tea Infuser
Day 1,457
Years and Years ago I made a plate at Pre-School. My folks are downsizing and gave me some stuff, including this plate. I've got another one. I'll...
Day 1,456
Blue Jay
Nice (mostly) quite day today. Did some reading, did some planning, and did some shooting.
Day 1,455
Trush and Jay
Back from my holidays and had a chance to grab another quick picture of Sam and a Blue Jay this afternoon. It's been almost a month of h...
Day 1,454
Long day of driving. Uninspired.... meh.
Day 1,453
Day 1,452
Day 1,451
Isabella and Broadway
At the corner of Isabella and Broadway is an old Victorian house. They've had some niffty holiday lights for the last couple-a-f...
Day 1,450
Just a book shelf at the folks place.