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Year #4 Progress
Day 1,145
My Team
Over lunch today it was noted that some of my team look very similar.
Day 1,144
Renovations continue
Upgrades the the Maintenance Yard continues. New project is updates to the Wood Shop. New insulation. New siding. New adventures!
Day 1,143
Day at Night
Out checking one a street light (it's been strobbing for the last couple-a-few months on and off). Brought my camera and tripod to play s...
Day 1,142
Thrity Years...
Thirty years ago, when I was a much younger child, I collected hockey stickers. I haven't really thought about them in forever... unti...
Day 1,141
Been working odd days recently; off Fridays, not always in the office, and the odd weekend here-or-there. Late Friday I was asked to get so...
Day 1,140
Snack Time
Another picture of one of my resident chickadees.
Day 1,139
Little bird, big world
More fun with my birds today.
Day 1,138
Second Time's a Charm
Every Canadian knows what this is. It's time for Tim Horton's Roll Up the Rim to Win event. On my second coffee of the season, I...
Day 1,137
Driving in town today my colleague noticed this uniquely shaped license plate. What a tale it must have (some 3,000km as the crow flies f...
Day 1,136
Capture One, Day One
Recently downloaded Capture One as my go to for RAW processing. It's not that Lightroom is a bad piece of software (I enjoy it qu...
Day 1,135
Snow storm
Got cut lose early from work today due to the approaching snowstorm. Could have used the time better to make something cool, but instead I...
Day 1,134
Something to Play With
Just something to mess around with later.
Day 1,133
Eight Little Chickadees
Trust me... there is eight of 'em. Two in the air, three on the bars, and three on the feeders.
Day 1,132
Suite Ball
Just a chickadee enjoying a suite ball.
Day 1,131
Time to be silly!
Nothing else really than just being silly.
Day 1,130
Ruins on the side of the road
Been driving back and further to Orillia this week, a drive I've made dozens and dozens of times. Tuesday I noticed the...
Day 1,129
987 km to Empty
Forgot my pen back in the office. Needed to make a note of the odometer. Camera to the rescue!
Day 1,128
Adventures in Recruiting.
Finally made it to the other Lakehead and it's been quite a day: Met a former client who took one my favorite pictures of me...
Day 1,127
So. Much. Fog.
So. Much. Fog. Canoe Bay (and everywhere else) was blanketed in a very thick fog.
Day 1,126
Red Squirrel on an Icy Day
Day full of freezing rain. Regardless of the of the weather a squirrel's gotta do what a squirrel's gotta do. Fat Jaba has...
Day 1,125
Shopping for a new monitor
Out looking for a new screen for my computer.
Day 1,124
Mid-Moring Coffee and Phone Calls
Trying to get a family doctor. Found one that'll take me on as a patient. Seems like a good guy (very relaxed, not a...
Day 1,123
So cold we brought the canoe inside...
... Or we're getting ready for a wedding.
Day 1,122
What it looks like when you have more than twenty inches of ice on the lake.
Today was our Working On Ice training. In short, it's a day long workshop...