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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#4 106/365
357 streak
Day 1,201
First Try of the Season
Seasonal waterfall is back again. A bit rushed today... but tomorrow is a new day.
Day 1,200
Day 1,199
Long Lens on the Marsh
Got out for a bit this afternoon with the camera. Still no sandhills, but I managed an okay landscape. I both love and hate thi...
Day 1,198
Another for the Christmas Collection
Karen's birthday, so of course that means cake at lunch. Also, I love the (mildly) goofy face in the background.
Day 1,197
Morning walk in the... snow.
Stupid snow. At least I've got a group of students coming in today.
Day 1,196
Brown-headed Cowbird
Not the sexiest or coolest bird around. Not even the flashiest one today (heard a Sandhill out on the marsh...) But this was for...
Day 1,195
Chippy in the Shade
Warm(ish) day. Chipmunk chilling by the feeder.
Day 1,194
Double Digits!
The temperature hit 13 degrees today! Practically summer!
Day 1,193
Just a pic
Out driving today and figured I'd stop at Furnace Falls. Think I might try this again later.
Day 1,192
Not an Otter
Spent about half an hour this evening shooting an otter. While it was fun, I only managed one okay (not good, just okay) shot. I'll share...
Day 1,191
Yup, that white streak at the top of the frame is snow. I'VE HAD ENOUGH BLOODY SNOW!!! I mean... yeah.... snow... :(
Day 1,190
Day 1,189
So long
And thanks for the memories.
Day 1,188
What a game!
Day 1,187
Downtown Montreal
In Montreal for the weekend to catch the game tomorrow night. Haven't been here in almost forty years or so.
Day 1,186
Bag of Learning
Day 1,185
Fresh-faced smiley
Coming back from Lindsay today, after not buying a new camera (one part self-restraint, five parts the camera not being in), I spot...
Day 1,184
Day 1,183
The Foot
End of the day shot at the end of the driveway.
Day 1,182
Project Feederwatch: Last Day
Project Feederwatch: Last Day Last day for me and Feederwatch for the 2019 season. Seventeen different species this time around, including a new one (...
Day 1,181
Underground Passage
What a day. Up at 4:00am, out the door by 4:20. Throwing up in a McDonald's parking lot by 6:00. Offloading equipment at the CNE g...
Day 1,180
Not a Redwing Blackbird
Didn't have my camera out in time to shoot the blackbirds today. Guess some chickadees will do.
Day 1,179
It happens. Doesn't mean I'm okay with it. Last couple of days I've been feeling sick. Got the chills, not hungry, got the aches. Doctor Joe is p...
Day 1,178