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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#7 220/365
120 streak
Day 2,410
Nope, not crooked
Hung a small picture today. It might look like it's askew, but it's not. It's merely the fact that moose are much heavier than bears...
Day 2,409
August Hockey
World Juniors tonight! We beat Latvia, but it was closer than it shoulda been. Hoping they do better, but not really feeling it.
Day 2,408
A story of an Owl
The last couple-a-few days (well, evenings I guess) a local Barred Owl has been chilling in the parking lot in front of the office....
Day 2,407
Lackluster Storm
Phone went a bit crazy with a Tornado Warning. Fortunately no tornado. Unfortunately no big storm.
Day 2,406
Schedules and Trailers
Wanted to see a movie and figured a matinee would be perfect. Check the times and off I went. Unfortunately, they only have mat...
Day 2,405
Day 2,404
Lifejacket Art
Day 2,403
Day 2,402
One for the slide show
Time to cut up a tree.
Day 2,401
Too early
Too early. Too tired. Here's a sock monkey.
Day 2,400
Table for one
Day 2,399
Milky Way over the marsh
Finally got out to shoot some stars!
Day 2,398
Fox Watch Continues
Not as many photos of the local foxes recently. Mostly they are staying away from the office. Today, however, I was able to get th...
Day 2,397
I love running into random folks who are as excited as I am for Nature Moments. Today one of the folks working at the pharmacy brought th...
Day 2,396
Another silly one
Day 2,395
Day 2,394
Offloading adventures
Things I never learned: how to offload an hydraulic lift from a big truck. Fortunately we figured it out. 1) Push it over 2) dum...
Day 2,393
Waiting for Water: The Return of Ritchie
Waiting for Water: The Return of Ritchie Been on my own the last week and half or so. My maintenance cohort has been out sick. Fortunately it wasn't t...
Day 2,392
Day 2,391
A day to play
My fake studio for the day (a washroom in the office) was actually kinda fun. My first set of photos was with the big camera, but didn't...
Day 2,390
Day 2,389
Day 2,388
Another hot day today. We are expecting some thunder storms this evening, but I've got my doubts. Quick post-dinner walk about outside looking f...
Day 2,387
Zero ambition