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#4 257/365
508 streak
Day 1,350
Sunset at the Foot
Was asked to capture the pond at the foot of the driveway. Not sure if this will work or not. Guess we'll see.
Day 1,349
I don't often take a selfie. But sometimes I do.
Day 1,348
Roadside capture.
Day 1,347
Andrew doing ropes.
Another day another opportunity to play. Today: fun and adventures at thirty feet. #theme-games
Day 1,346
The List
Tonight I will make 90 college students cry. For you see, tonight is RUNNING PICTIONARY! Students will run into the forest searching for a fa...
Day 1,345
Day 1,344
Day One of the 2019 Election
Canada goes to the polls in about five weeks or so. Not sure how I feel at the moment, politically speaking. A tradition...
Day 1,343
Post Doctor Waiting
Social Health Care is great. Went in, saw my doctor, got my medications renewed, and was on my way... Except for one thing: the ga...
Day 1,342
"Friday" State of Mind
Today is Friday. At least as far as I'm concerned. Got two days off coming my way! How to celebrate? Laundry of course!! Otherw...
Day 1,341
Hard Day at Work
Put in the field today playing some Running Pictionary. My personal strategy for the game is to hide in plain sight (and therefore av...
Day 1,340
Canoe Beach
Crazy day with crazy weather and crazy kids having crazy good times.
Day 1,339
A Case for GAS
Or a case for using what I've already got and not spending money needlessly... I've been very underwhelmed with my images of late. Lots...
Day 1,338
Day 1,337
Day 1,336
Facilitator Fashion Tip #12: Always make sure your nose paint matches your life jacket.
Day 1,335
Day 1,334
Pushing On Through
Day 1,333
Not my desk
I'm off today, but am on call. Today's pic; the view from the front desk.
Day 1,332
Post-Movie, mid-walk, pre-drive window shopping.
In town to catch a movie (Angel Has Fallen... funny mid-credit scene at the end) and still need about...
Day 1,331
Training Continues.
Tiana trying her hand at the Long Tension Traverse.
Day 1,330
Portage Beach Fire Show
More training. This time some fire lighting skills at Portage Beach.
Day 1,329
Bark Lodge Among the Pines
Long day of training. Still more tonight. Here's a quick picture of some of the team on the deck during a break in the lear...
Day 1,328
Another Recruit.
Both for the job and for tookapic. Waiting in Minden for the Can-Ar (bust that hits a dozen or so little towns north out of Toronto)...
Day 1,327