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Field Naturalist, Amateur Photographer, General All Well Great Guy.
#5 325/365
212 streak
Day 1,785
First (but not really) of the Year
This is the second Hairy Woodpecker of the season. The first was yesterday, but wouldn't you know it... no card in...
Day 1,784
Someone has been busy...
And soon enough someone else is going to be busy too. This tree is right on the edge of the driveway, maybe ten feet or so. T...
Day 1,783
The Whole Kit
I'm still bummed about work and COVID and the impending sense of doom, but I've got birds that need photographing, so that's what I'll d...
Day 1,782
Day 1,781
Another one gone...
Had another colleague put on layoff today. This place is feeling more and more doomed.
Day 1,780
Day 1,779
Emotional Support Entropy
I need mess. When a space is too neat and organized it just feels off. A nice lived-in space, on the other hand, makes me fe...
Day 1,778
Happy Little Chickadee
Even with the storm knocking over my feeders and damaging the pole (replacement options are being looked at) my birds still dem...
Day 1,777
Wet & Windy
No power for the better part of the day. Fortunately the birds didn't really care. Here's a cellphone photo of my bossy Nuthatch.
Day 1,776
A Dark-eyed Junco to start off the FeederWatch season!
Day 1,775
Project Feeder Watch starts TOMORROW!!!
Day 1,774
Voodoo and Witchcraft
At long last I was able to get in for a checkup and cleaning at the dentist. Not something most folks look forward to (admittedl...
Day 1,773
Kinda boring...
... but really exciting for me at least. We got the new cistern system installed. I'm back home again!
Day 1,772
Red Breasted Nuthatch
Day 1,771
Cranky Finch
Day 1,770
Snow Bunting
My god... what skitch little birds
Day 1,769
The New, temporary, Normal
I don't think I've really visited a laundromat since University (Residences had some coin-op machines). Here's part of my n...
Day 1,768
Not great, but better
Yesterday was rough. Head office moved most 'high value assets' out. The reasoning is that they'll be safer there then at the ca...
Day 1,767
Screw it. I'm not rewriting this now. Needless to say today's sucked.
Day 1,766
Another Minden Night
Another evening of getting my steps in.
Day 1,765
Day 1,764
Keeping on Going
Another day of driving in to camp. a week and a bit more to go.
Day 1,763
Day 1,762