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Robbie Colvin

Web developer/designer, former professional audio engineer.
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Day 1,095
End of year 3!
End of year 3! Here I am at the end of yet another year here at Tookapic! Coincidentally occurring on the same day as the end of our cross-country roa...
Day 1,094
Road Signs
Road Signs We have seen one Echidna, three Emus, one Wombat, a small handful of assorted lizards, and the only Kangaroos we have seen were all roadkil...
Day 1,093
Open Road
Open Road We travelled back to South Australia today and are staying at a hotel on the WA/SA border. It was a 7.5 hour trip today, it's a 7 hour trip...
Day 1,092
Motel I deleted the photo I originally took for today once I saw the sunset, I had to go out and capture it!
Day 1,091
Cozy House
Cozy House A cool house near our hotel apartment
Day 1,090
Octopus Art
Octopus Art We took a drive down to Fremantle today and there was some amazing artwork everywhere!
Day 1,089
Colvin Lane
Colvin Lane Found my namesake road
Day 1,088
Hotel I went for a wander through the lovely city of Perth today, and I was on the hunt for an OTG cable so I could start uploading photos from my pho...
Day 1,087
Beach Went for a big drive out to the beach.
Day 1,086
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! We spent the night on the beach watching the fireworks then in the afternoon we went looking around the city at all the amazing street...
Day 1,085
Wagin Ram
Wagin Ram They were very detail oriented when sculpting this thing
Day 1,084
Albany views
Albany views The views around Albany were incredible
Day 1,083
Train tracks
Train tracks Rural Australia relies a lot on trains, and most towns have a train track running through them somewhere
Day 1,082
Abandoned car
Abandoned car The harsh conditions of the bush can really put your car to the test, and Australia is in the middle of a heatwave. This car didn't make...
Day 1,081
Edge of the world
This is where Western Australia meets the Indian Ocean in a spectacular fashion.
Day 1,080
We decided to travel half way across Australia, from Adelaide in South Australia, to Perth in Western Australia. It is a 35 hour drive, and most...
Day 1,079
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Hope everyone had a nice time!
Day 1,078
garden I did take a better photo today, but it made me too sad and decided to delete it and post something else.
Day 1,077
Comics Some comics and Christmas lights that I programmed
Day 1,076
cat door
I tried repairing a broken camera I bought for cheap, but it appears to be a more serious issue than first thought. In spite of this, I'm goi...
Day 1,075
it's a flower
Day 1,074
Pillow I tried to take a photo but it turned out it was past midnight and this was the only other photo I took :(
Day 1,073
Snowman Lobethal Lights: Snowman #theme-christmas-spirit
Day 1,072
he's wearing a tie, this is not a good photo #portrait #outdoors #nature #night #tuesday #cat #animal #profile #monochrome #eye #december #one #pe...