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Marcin Bujacz

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Day 599
Day 598
Lava challenge
Children Day spent at the Skate Arena in Gdańsk doing skating workshops.
Day 597
Scared little bird
I found this little guy on my way to classes. He didn't fly away as I was walking by, so I took some pictures. I was able to get su...
Day 596
Quick snap
Day 595
Jumping girl
Day 594
There's not enough time to read lately, but I enjoy listening to this audiobook. What would happen if the moon suddenly got destroyed?
Day 593
After latest troubles with hard drives, I decided to invest in a proper NAS with multiple bays to keep my data safe from hardware failures. I...
Day 592
Me vs. Kids
Day 591
Data recovered!
My portable hard drive was dying and I struggled to get data off it. Fortunately, after few days of a break, it started to work when i...
Day 590
Day 589
Day 588
Golden thorns
Day 587
Free lens
I forgot to pack adapter for macro extension tubes, so I tried to make something similar using just my hand.
Day 586
Staring at a blank page
I have some kind of productivity block lately. There's so much stuff to do, I don't know where to start.
Day 585
Trying to keep balance and a cone on a helmet.
Day 584
Weekend Naftowy 2019
Another inline skating marathon. This time in Gorlice. First time being here and didn't know what to expect. It was awesome! Grea...
Day 583
Day 582
Mobile wardrobe
Day 581
Stepping over
Day 580
Data lost?
Recently two of my hard drives failed. I recovered data from the one of them, but the other one at the moment is not accessible in any way....
Day 579
What's happening here, next to my tree?
Day 578
Close to the ground
Day 577
Great day and great event - Bitwa o Konin. This time I wasn't competing but only helping with judging slalom league but nevertheless I had...
Day 576