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Marcin Bujacz

#3 18/365
304 streak
Day 748
First time on 2 wheels
One of the best part of being an instructor is when someone is amazed about their new abilities. This lady came to classes know...
Day 747
Shiny phone
Day 746
Down the ramp
Day 745
I tried to take a photo of a sensor of Sony A58 and one of them turned out quite interesting.
Day 744
Found some hand painted christmas baubles hidden in the back of the wardrobe #theme-art
Day 743
Day 742
Day 741
Heel wheeling
Day 740
Organizing cable mess
Day 739
Enjoying time on a bike
The weather is great lately, so I'm spending some time in a saddle. Almost 50km today with a climb on a biggest local hill - G...
Day 738
Big and yellow / small and red #theme-fall
Day 737
Big boys with big toys
I don't know if it's a correct technique, but this guy digging around making small mountain around him reminded me of a childre...
Day 736
Day 735
Early fall bloom
Day 734
Day 733
Skating on all fours
Day 732
On the tip of the needle
Day 731
Bike trip
Having a new bike enqourages to ride more, so with a good weather I decided to check out monument of a fallen plane "Łoś". Ended up with ove...
Marcin finished 365 project #2!
Day 730
365 photos once again. Not the perfect project, because of a break, but it's some kind of milestone and it matches the weekly theme. #theme-tookapi...
Day 729
Colorful wall
Day 728
On roller skates
Day 727
Stretching out
Day 726
Violet fries
I found violet potatoes in a shop, so I decided to try making some fries with them. They look strange but taste quite normal.
Day 725
First proper ride
Checking out a new bike