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I'm a Digital Designer & Developer from Scotland
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Day 6
It's important to brush your only two teeth
Day 5
Billy Connolly Mural
Day 4
Windows Cleaners 🧽
Walking to work to sit at a computer all day 😴 and notice these folk hanging from a building washing windows. Wonder if they’d job...
Day 3
Mylo 🐈
I have 2 hours left in the day and I need a subject 👀
Day 2
My commuting backpack
I bought this backpack recently before starting my new job. They are expensive but all hand made in Glasgow using really good so...
Day 1
Finnieston Crane
Walking across the squinty bridge looking towards The Clyde Auditorium, Finnieston Crane and The Hydro. Cold morning and crisp mornin...