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Photography is a fun hobby that keeps my visual skills and imagination working. I'm hoping to get better at photography. I use a Nikon D3300 but sometimes use my cell phone when I am very busy.
#4 26/365
13 streak
Day 1,121
Non stop work, dinner, cleanup, more chores
Day 1,120
Moth on the Window
Very busy, forgot the camera, cooked, cleaned and took a picture of this moth.
Day 1,119
Scallops and Shrimp
Day 1,118
Lola Cat
I love when she licks her paws. I almost forgot to take a picture today. Good thing there is a cat handy when I need one.
Day 1,117
I made a little basket out of honeysuckle vines and put a radish and a sassafras root in it.
Day 1,116
Silver Stream
A beautiful little cedar stained creek, in panorama.
Day 1,115
Mushroom in my garden
No time to spend on a good photo but luckily have this little mushroom pic handy.
Day 1,114
Pore surfaces of fungi
I have a new phone so hopefully my cell pictures will be better.
Day 1,113
New Shoot
A new shoot of Greenbriar, also known as smilax rotundifolia. I took a walk on my favorite trail with my daughter, so the day was good.
Day 1,112
I was home, not knowing what to take a picture of. The evening sun caught this dandelion, and there was the answer to my dilemma,
Day 1,111
These birds are kind of bold. This one was hopping around on the shrubs of the floodplain, curiously peeking at me. It was a magical morning u...
Day 1,110
Radish ❤
Day 1,109
Went mushroom hunting and found lots of cool things but no mushrooms.
Day 1,108
This is the window of the room I had at my mom's house from age 13 and into my twenties. I loved looking out at the trees.
Day 1,107
Book Sale
I bought a pile of books at our annual library book sale.
Day 1,106
Swamp Azalea
One of our showiest native species that grows in swamps and bogs.
Day 1,105
Cedar Bog
I took a walk in a former cranberry farm, which is being preserved for the grove of Atlantic White Cedar that grows there.
Day 1,104
Garter Snake
This little beauty was hiding in plain sight, and I almost didn't see him.
Day 1,103
My Mother's Dogwood Tree
She is moving soon, so I'm taking a lot of pictures there.
Day 1,102
Beech Forest
I went on a mushroom walk and saw many beautiful things.
Day 1,101
Oak Leaves
And their little pollen dispensers.
Day 1,100
Spring Evening
Day 1,099
Day 1,098
Eastern Garter Snake
This little guy thought I couldn't see him. I have a sharp eye, though. I waited for a long time, hoping to catch him whipping hi...