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#2 131/365
157 streak
Day 496
It has noticed flies in the flat for the first time in his short life.
Day 495
Up on a tree
Looking for a flat to purchase and strolling around the town.
Day 494
A walk in the city
A lovely stroll with lots of good shots
Day 493
A painting
My private artist
Day 492
Looking for spring vegetables I have acounteted raspberries.
Day 491
Broken into pieces
Feeling low due to headache and cold and so sleepy. #theme-abstract
Day 490
Fuksja fiksacja
Day 489
At a local park
Bending down the water Midday walk
Day 488
Jeszcze w zielone gramy
Polski Top w Radio 3 5 7 Słuchany w podróży Jestem szczęśliwą Polką
Day 487
Co przyniesie dzień
#minimalism #minimalphotography
Day 486
On the way
If you leave your house, you change perspective.
Day 485
Dreams come true
Spełnienie marzeń. Tworzenie historii. Liczę głosy na Polski Top. Byłam On Air.
Day 484
Mirror yourself
Wherever you want It's like a Sky TV 😉
Day 483
Zapiera dech ten zapach #theme-spring
Day 482
Up up up towards the sun
A visit in Warsaw.
Day 481
Soft and hard That's who we are Need to become/act more like one or the other,it depends Your choice, always. Czasami miękko otulamy świat Bywa,...
Day 480
Bywa, że coś rośnie i rośnie i pęka. Dziś może był, taki dzień, może pękło. Na pewno się zrośnie i będzie rosło dalej. Jak każda rana, zagoi się...
Day 479
Good morning
A walk by a river in my town. Spring time, finally
Day 478
Modern castle by a highway Does it really matter what you have? Where you live?
Day 477
Lacking sth
It starts to go dry Why? It happens suddenly, for no reason. Imperceptibly. So it may happen in a relationship Leaf by leaf Day by day Unt...
Day 476
Not yet
Do not enter Heaven can wait
Day 475
Najciemniej pod...
Własną kopułą głowy najczęściej. Tak trudno czasami zmienić perspektywę, być bardziej empatycznym, wyrozumiałym. Ileż zaś razy za t...
Day 474
It will be your idea of your life tomorrow. Just imagine. What do you see? What colours? What mood? Just let yourself free...
Day 473
There's a question 😍 There are some answers 🥰 😉🙃 #theme-books