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5 photos
Day 132
Still busy
It's still quite busy; my new (work/professional) assignment eats nearly all my time. Happily "Kees" is always ready for a snap. I'm in dou...
Day 202
Getting independent
This is Kees, 1 year and 2 month. He's getting more independent by standing up. Here he's having on my knee, but, way to go! It's...
Day 52
You make me smile
That's what his shirt says, and it's right! Such a smile makes me happy at any moment! #portrait #afternoon #tookapic #saturday #fun...
Day 335
Morning TV
In the morning Kees likes to see "Bumba". It's a TV show with a clown. Joep is iPad-ding on the background. #morning #black-and-white #tues...
Day 32
This is my youngest, he was not in the best of moods today, he's teething including all symptoms. But, as always it's super easy to get him to sm...