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11 photos
Day 233
Different perspective
Second day of playing with newest Miata. I like the car but surprisingly it's better with closed roof. I've made another photo e...
Day 24
So I took my car for a walk yesterday... :) #afternoon #sunday #car #january #mazda #miata #mx-5
Day 232
Hello there
So, finally, after several months of nagging, I got hold of newest Mazda MX-5 RF. Dealer gave it to me for a weekend and I have done the o...
Day 127
Gentleman racers
I've spent whole day on a track. As it turns out again it's hard to shoot and drive - if you do both you get mediocre results in both...
Day 211
I've spent 2,5 hours to swap wheels between 2 cars to check if they will fit. Call me crazy but the effort was worth it - the fit is almost pe...
the small passanger
on that day we were shooting a day on a track, with couple of friends driving Miata cars #afternoon #saturday #car #track #child #...
Day 246
Alice in Wonderland
If someone would tell me 2 years ago that I'd be driving my own car on a F1 circuit I'd just laugh. And yet, here I am - driving r...
Day 37
Acacia Bloom
Today was a rough day. Monday with a capital "M". I'm happy that I got to photograph at all. This image captures the bloom of Acacia tree...
Day 315
I’ve waited for this for quite a while and there it is - my first feature in a printed magazine. Quite a lot of anxiety regarding this to be...
Day 355
Get out and drive!
So what it's around 0 degrees? So what if people on the streets look with disbelief or consider me as a nutcase? If it's not rainin...
Day 214
MX5 in the sun
Today there was a perfect wheater to clean my car. I couldn't resist from taking a photo. unfortunately later that day I hadn't chance...