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#3 193/365
1 streak
Day 923
hanging tulips
Playing with tulips and camera...
Day 922
Geese, enjoying spring!
Day 921
Late afternoon at the Waddensea
Day 920
parking garage n lights
Today I parked my car in the newest parking garage. It was quite a luminous spectacle with changing light and colours. #theme-...
Day 919
Day 918
home sweet home
Day 917
At the Waddensea
Took a walk down the pier into the Waddensea on this beautiful and quiet sunday.
Day 916
old seawall
At the Waddensea this weekend.
Day 915
clear sky after a rainy day
Day 914
Drawing with candles
Day 913
took a pic first thing in the morning
When I opened my curtains, first thing I did was getting my camera...
Day 912
lunar eclipse is starting
Day 911
sliced mushroom
Day 910
days are getting longer
Today I came home from work, and the sky was a little clearer than the days before...daylight has got a few minutes more.
Day 909
temperature n glass
Day 908
sky up, drive down
Made this pic with my smartphone, while driving into a tunnel. I edited it simply too much, but I like the colours, so I leave it a...
Day 907
Last taste of summer 2019
Tonight we enjoyed the last bottle of rosé we bought on our summerholidays in France... hmmm....memories of a beautiful sunn...
Day 906
Working at th Glasmanufactory
Made a trip at the glasmanufactur at Derenburg. I could not hold my purse closed and bought a nice peace for myself!
Day 905
Rocking the blue sky
Took a walk on this beautiful first day of the new year. Wish everybody a clear sky for 2020. This walk was to Teufelsmauer in th...
Day 904
In the wooden church
Went for a tour through Harz, Germany and visited the Stabkirche in Hahnenklee.
Day 903
storyteller in the old town
Day 902
early morningsky
Day 901
bridge n light
Day 900
Early sundaymorning