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I'm Tom, a freelance web designer, and developer. I work with businesses and individuals to brand themselves online and create websites that attract new customers.
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Day 11
Happy Husky
Nova is the wildest dog on walks but inside our home, she's a big sleepy head. #indoors #portrait #thursday #night #dog #little #animal #s...
Day 10
Daily Planner.
How do you plan your day? I have been using this SELF journal but I need to plan time in the morning to take photos outside. I've been...
Day 9
Video Editing
I'm not sure what I find more fun...filming videos or editing them. I'll go with editing because I don't need to get all dolled up for t...
Day 8
My Christmas Gift.
I have an essential oil diffuser that my mom got me for Christmas (or my birthday?) a few years ago. It's big and beautiful but I w...
Day 7
The sky was a beautiful blue but it's still been cold in Florida. Looking forward to warmer days. ✌🏻 #outdoors #nature #night #landscape #wood...
Day 6
We love the cat too!
Our cat Whiskey always falls second to our dog but we love her just as much. She was the first pet we got the first year we moved...
Day 5
Loving this lens
A year ago I started a YouTube channel and a huge frustration for me was the kit lens that came with my DSLR. I always looked flat in...
Day 4
It's not Christmas but...
I got this mug from Anthropologie and it arrived after Christmas. It's too cute to put away until next year. It's chilly out...
Day 3
This little lady brings so much joy into our home. She is with me 24/7 while I work from home and gets me out of the house multiple times a day f...
Day 2
Calla Lily
It's been a rainy few days in Florida. I had a bunch of ideas to photograph inside, but the natural lighting from the window was terrible....
Day 1
Hello 2018!
Having my camera with me has never been a habit but a goal of mine is to record a weekly vlog to document my life and take more photos. I'...