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tookapic helps you develop a habit of daily photo taking in a fun and addictive way. Made out of love for photography, web and users. Shipped from Poland.
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Day 10
Tookameet at Światłosiła festiwal
Yes, we managed to meet today. It was great to get to know each other, talk about photography, life, Tookapic. Pictu...
Day 9
Must. Eat. All.
Oh, sweet calories! Decided to join the crowd and post photo of our doughnuts. Back in the game! #thursday #afternoon #food #office #s...
Day 7
Yes, it is Saturday, but that doesn't mean we can't work a bit on the user interface improvements. Sketching some various user cards drafts....
Day 6
Working on some last minute updates and litte bug fixes before sending out another batch of invites. You know those shots of minimal and clean...
Day 8
Open beta coming
Working day and night on new, refreshed design and new features. We really hope you'll like what we're preparing for you. #october #t...
Day 1
We're live!
We've just sent out first batch of invites. Grab your cameras, people and start taking photos (even if it’s a photo of your Doge pillow)....
Day 4
Today we started working on the mobile version of the site. It should be live in a week or two. Stay tuned! #october #afternoon #tookapic #appl...
Day 3
Working hard
We spent the whole afternoon working on the stable upload. And we think we finally got it right. "Your photo is being processed" notice s...
Day 5
New features
We've just pushed another update to the site. Lots of bug fixes. And also some new features like keyboard shortcuts, comment mentions and...
Day 2
Exposure and aperture test
We're testing some extreme exposure and aperture values to see if tookapic reads and displays those correctly. And accident...