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23 recently moved to Italy... first time moving away from home and it’s abroad. English, underconfident, love nature, ice hockey, winter and food.
#1 15/365
2 streak
Day 15
Same stuff different day!
Day 14
Please enter my humble abode. #ChaletLife
Day 13
On the way to the alps!
Day 12
Good morning sun! ☀️
Day 11
And home...
Day 10
Unfortunately I didn’t get many exciting photos on this day. I literally spent the day flying. Three flights to get back to nice was tiresome.
Day 9
Tattoo time! This isn’t mine... I didn’t take a photo of mine on this day. How true is this little quote though? If there is any burning desires you w...
Day 8
When you’re obsessed with the Netflix series Peaky Blinders then it’s a must for getting a Tommy Shelby style shot! #ByTheOrderOfThePeakyBlinders
Day 7
Nothing on this day... other than a very early morning selfie in the said night club from the day before. 1.1.19 was a day for rest and recovery. #Ver...
Day 6
Unfortunely this is not my best of photos. I didn’t take many on the 31st. Well a lie but the others are all of me and my friends celebrating the new...
Day 5
In the old market place in Izmir Turkey. Meeting some mates of a mate for coffee and Shisha. Loving evening and the whole market was quirky like this....
Day 4
I didn’t take many photos on this day. I was flying out to turkey for the New Years. I did see this little nugget posted on a coffee cup and liked it.
Day 3
The creepy mouse figure placed outside the house next to my work.
Day 2
Beautiful church in my village
Day 1
A photo of the young man I work for dog... her name is poo. #OooIsThatATreat?