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Urszula Stachowicz

I've finished my first 365 project in 2015 and it was hard. I never thought I would do this again. But then, I found Tookapic... And I've been here a while...
#3 347/365
549 streak
Day 1,076
Day 1,075
Day 1,074
I had a really nice day. Someone changed my Sundays. I don't hate them anymore... But on the other hand, I got really sick. Now I know why my spin...
Day 1,073
I completely didn't expect that. Santa this year stole my heart. Not because He gave me this gift. But because he was thinking of buying me thi...
Day 1,072
Today I was a Santa. I packed a gift for my sister's kids and I hid it. I also made up a silly story, draw some terrible pictures and left some...
Day 1,071
Ok, I love wrapping gifts. It looks like a christmas gift but inside is a book. About... Chernobyl. I know He wanted to buy this book, so... here...
Day 1,070
I'm sooo cold.
Day 1,069
Comfort food
I wish this pain just go away. I'm too tired to do anything.
Day 1,068
Day of my misery.
Day 1,067
Day 1,066
On the road
Still terrible back pain.
Day 1,065
Testing new oven
Still feeling terrible. But I got some new drugs and I hope it will help...
Day 1,064
Can't remember when was the last time I felt that bad.
Day 1,063
#theme-forgotten It's hard to go out. I feel like I could crawl into my cave and never leave it. Never talk to anyone. Just sleep. Of course I ca...
Day 1,062
Andrzej is testing my patience by scratiching the window. You can imagine the sound.
Day 1,061
Day 1,060
Day 1,059
Potato cakes
I'm not a fan of potatos so I've never done potato cakes. I don't even like them. But... I've made it. For the first time. For Him.
Day 1,058
Goodbye paper cranes
Today I've burnt my paper cranes. We were going to burn 1 000 that made my friend but she changed her mind. So I killed mine. And...
Day 1,057
Streak. Saying goodbye to my friend. She's going to live in Warsaw now... :(
Day 1,056
Again. Can't wait till Sunday. My mind is somewhere else. Can't focus on anything.
Day 1,055
Andrzej update
Before: three months ago. I finally managed to clean my house after a week at the seaside. I took me...
Day 1,054
Day 1,053
Cars (?)
I spent really nice day on the charity action for my sister's best friend's daughter. Feeling much more connected to my family. To my sister,...