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Urszula Stachowicz

I've finished my first 365 project in 2015 and it was hard. I never thought I would do this again. But then, I found Tookapic... And I've been here a while...
#3 179/365
381 streak
Day 909
I know he's tired. I think it won't be long. I think he knows it as well. He sleeps more, eat less... And he's looking for the company. He lik...
Day 908
June rust
Looks like I can't come up with any photo ideas when I'm at least a bit happy. Maybe some people just aren't capable of being happy. All bad...
Day 907
I finally took my bike for a ride. For a while it helped me to forget about everything. For a while.
Day 906
I spent this evening with my sister's kids. This board game is pretty cool. And I had a nice time.
Day 905
What a lovely weather. What a lovely evening. What a lovely beer. I guess tomorrow morning won't be lovely.
Day 904
I seriously love this city. It's filled with good memories. From weddings. Or from trip with my friend. It was a very spontaneous decision...
Day 903
There were supposed to be "get better" muffins. However, they are not really edible and they look awful. I think I should stick to cooking. Or at...
Day 902
I got this jars from my sis and her family. She knew I was looking for something I could put my spices in and she gave me this containers. I mean...
Day 901
Official meeting
So. The hardest part is over. I was officially introduced to everyone and the board said I replaced my mother really well...
Day 900
I have so much work to do, oh wait. It would be a great idea to drive to Przemyśl for a concert. In the terrible storm. At night. And for a c...
Day 899
Kid's birthday
Kid's birthday I spent nice evening with my family. For the first time. Something really weird happened. I used to avoid those family meeting. I mean...
Day 898
Somehow I got myself into another weird situation with a new car. I'm stressed. I need MY car now. And I need to go out. Or I'll explode.
Day 897
The only proper sign that summer is here. Salad with melo and feta. And pasta.
Day 896
Bye, bye Lancia
So. We have to fix some things in my car. Looks like we found some issues. I don't like it and I'm stressed because I know nothing abo...
Day 895
Driving back home
So this road can't be mistaken with anything. :P I was driving through Białystok, the same road like two years ago. And I was smilin...
Day 894
Don't want to go back
All of this hapiness disappeared because of one call. I don't want to go back. The only thing are waiting for me are my problems...
Day 893
I'm so in love with Podlasie. I definitely will leave here a piece of my heart. With my friend. With this woods and lakes... With this piece. It...
Day 892
With this ring...
Fuck. Sunflowers. It was the best wedding ever. You see, Katka is my friend I met because of the blogs. Like 14 or 15 years ago. We'...
Day 891
What the hell
Suwałki! You tried to sink me! I tell you, I was never that scared in my life. Water was everywhere. I saw nothing because of rain. Ther...
Day 890
Hello Warsaw
And goodbye Warsaw.
Day 889
Promiss me you'll be here when I'm back... Going to Warsow tomorrow and than - Suwałki! I think I'm more stressed than excited.
Day 888
My life in one photo
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYEC4TZsy-Y I love how people choose this song for their wedding dance. Yeah. Such a perfect day.
Day 887
I've been there
Today I've met my doctor who tortured me last year. He still remembers what is my condition and what am I doing. Back than he told me...
Day 886
I always start my day with checking my phone. Messages, e-mail, Tookapic or Instagram. As you see, it's doesn't always end well. #theme-habits