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Urszula Stachowicz

I've finished my first 365 project in 2015 and it was hard. I never thought I would do this again. But then, I found Tookapic... And I've been here a while...
#4 195/365
763 streak
Day 1,291
Yellow bean
When I was a child, I alwasy wait for the summer and yellow bean. I asked my Mum to buy it (or we had our own). I used to help her to cut...
Day 1,290
My project is almost dead... maybe it's time...
Day 1,289
My tablecloth is getting second life.
Day 1,288
Throwing stuff away
Day 1,287
Went wrong today. Like everything.
Day 1,286
Neverending cleaning
Day 1,285
Day 1,284
Oh, it's so hot. Wouldn't it be great to turn the oven on? Also, I've lost my mixer today. [*] It's just exploded.
Day 1,283
Approved by Andrzej
Day 1,282
Mastering new skill
Today I was sewing my first zipper. Maybe on this course I'll learn how to sew.
Day 1,281
Forget-me-nots didn't last after this rain and now sun. I took them home to repaint. I'm still cleaning my kitchen and it's awful how one...
Day 1,280
Day 1,279
Day 1,278
Day 1,277
Day 1,276
End of the world
Day 1,275
They must be.
Day 1,274
Doesn't ask. Bath understands.
Day 1,273
Nice walk today. Against this cold and rainy weather.
Day 1,272
Boiling some eggs, trying not to die because of head and back pain.
Day 1,271
Andrzej is testing whether bottle is warm enough.
Day 1,270
Sleeping all day and watching Netflix. ☠
Day 1,269
Last day of my rehabilitation. Still love this medical center.
Day 1,268
Rest in rice
Today I put my phone into the toilet. What a crap. ;(