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Urszula Stachowicz

I've finished my first 365 project in 2015 and it was hard. I never thought I would do this again. But then, I found Tookapic... And I've been here a while...
#3 292/365
494 streak
Day 1,022
Day 1,021
Day 1,020
Day 1,019
Day 1,018
Some things don't change. My cakes still look like cr.... Eee. They don't look good. But my sister tomorrow is having 18th wedding anniversary. So...
Day 1,017
Is it enough?
We had this specific measure. Everytime I was making walnut cake, I was always asking her how much should I add. And this measure was: -...
Day 1,016
Circle of life
One of the most difficult momments was when my Kitty got sick. I can’t thank you enough for all your kind words. I have a huge Rudy’s g...
Day 1,015
You are always on my mind
Another fact about me being here: I wouldn't have so many selfportraits without Tookapic. I think it is debatable whether it...
Day 1,014
I'll get by
I love how taking photos everyday isn't a weird thing here. I mean, I'm lucky enough to have friends who know that I can go anywhere only...
Day 1,013
Time doesn't heal wounds. I miss my Mum everyday more. October was "her" month. In a two weeks it will be a year. I'm trying to work more and...
Day 1,012
My firend brought me something from his trip to Ukraine.
Day 1,011
I've been thinking a lot lately. About how being with some people makes you a better person. After this five months I started to drive more carefu...
Day 1,010
Streak week again...
Day 1,009
My first one. And probably the last one. Too much work. I have 15 days to finish one thing. Procrastination finally got me.
Day 1,008
What a strange times I have now. Not feeling very well. Pain is getting worse and I don't know. Still don't know why...
Day 1,007
Sort of. I've never done them.
Day 1,006
Looks like it's my standard Monday photo. Tracffic.
Day 1,005
There is something in this place. I have some good memories from there. Been there with different people. Really close people.
Day 1,004
I finally made use of the dress I bought 2 years ago. I had a lovely photoshoot and spent really nice time with my friends. In a beautiful place.
Day 1,003
Someone fixed my car today. And gave me his. Looks like I got myself really expensive toy...
Day 1,002
I have a strong feeling that I'll be singing "Last Christmas I gave you my heart soon". But without Christmas.
Day 1,001
F word
I f&%#ed up one thing. So now it's a very stresfull time.
Day 1,000
It was supposed to be 1 000 cranes. I made like 300 in 5 days and didn't manage to finish the rest on time. I had also different vision for this...
Day 999
Morning streak
I have an idea for tomorrow. 1000 streak.