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Urszula Stachowicz

I've finished my first 365 project in 2015 and it was hard. I never thought I would do this again. But then, I found Tookapic... And I've been here a while...
#3 237/365
439 streak
Day 967
Day 966
Holding on
I'm still waiting for the blood results. Another doctor's appointment on Friday. I'm so tired of this pain. I never thought I would feel li...
Day 965
Day 964
Day 963
I think Andrzej needs his gallery... #theme-summer-tones
Day 962
Day 961
Spinach tarta
Looks like Andrzej is a bit sick, but he got antibiotic and than we will vaccinate him and he'll be fine.
Day 960
First day
When I took Rudy for the last time to the wet... She saw the whole process of my sadness, despair and terrible loss. I told her that I defin...
Day 959
Meet Andrzej
I had a terrible half of a day. And this is not over. But Someone give me so much support I've never had. But the end of the day... Look...
Day 958
Corn pancakes
Tomorow is a big day. Two important things to do.
Day 957
And I'm done. Now I'm going to send it to my friend and wait for the reaction. Can't wait. Also, I'm really tired. It's been almost a month...
Day 956
Almost ready
I'm waiting for a photobook and the wedding photos will be over. It was the most original wedding I've ever been. <3
Day 955
Day 954
Day 953
There must be heaven for cats
Inspired by @itskatarinaaa work: https://tookapic.com/photos/486339 My friend wrote me that there has to be heaven for c...
Day 952
Taking care of my sister's cat.
Day 951
Day 950
I'm still leaving door half way opened. Looking from time to time. Waiting for him to come. Missing. Still can't believe.
Day 949
Hello, Mum. I just want to tell you that since you've gone, everything is going bad. But I know you would be glad that yesterday in that dark mome...
Day 948
Goodnight, my Love
You will stay in my heart forever.
Day 947
It's ok, my sweet little Kitty. Don't be afraid. I'll be with you till the end. Tomorrow.
Day 946
I made a promise. And I'll keep it. The tumour grows everywhere. Outside, inside. My little kitty, I promised you I won't let you suffer. We have ti...
Day 945
Fu%*. Looks like my health issues aren't spine related. So. What now?
Day 944
Sun F.
I hate this day. I feel like a fresh corpse. Still don't know what 's wrong with me.