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#1 339/365
339 streak
Day 1
Day 74
someone told us yesterday that there is a dead whale on the beach few kilometers from our town, but the roads were closed due to strong wind, so...
Day 159
feeling uninspired lately
Day 165
Day 61
Day 188
someone told us yesterday about this glacier 'portal' not so far from our town so we had to check it out. i didn't expect much but it was one...
Day 278
maybe not the most extraordinary shot and not even in focus, but it's quite a big step for me. a few days ago i was thinking about my second tookapic...
Day 131
Day 136
scenography pt 2
Day 199
Day 257
Day 264
Day 283
Day 292
Day 7
i don't know what's going on but that's how the sky looked like this morning here in Iceland. i read on the internet that it is called polar str...
Day 122
today i saw puffins for the first time in my life! they have just returned to iceland from some warm countries. too bad that i don't have a tel...
Day 126
lazy day
i try to find myself and my yoga practice in a new place after moving. i started practicing every day, according to that "don't break the cha...
Day 132
thank you iceland for making me feel like i'm walking on the moon
Day 173
Day 303
Day 113
Day 123
i'll try not to post puffin photos everyday, i promise! but they are so adorable.
Day 175
Day 263
not the best frame but i like it anyway. there are way too many cute cats in my area right now and i just can't pass by without taking a photo of each...