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Poprzez projekt 365 chcę na nowo zachwycić się rzeczami dookoła mnie i dodać magii swojemu światu.
#1 57/365
52 streak
Day 57
Such a photo can only mean one thing ... Tomorrow morning, we're going on tour! I fulfill my dream of visiting the Książ Castle, and then we r...
Day 56
Day 55
Day 54
Take a look at my new post on blog: These are photos from our Sunday walk. Let me know...
Day 53
I stollen sweatshirt from @kmilosz
Day 52
More photos here: Check it out :)
Day 51
Today I was a wedding photographer again so I haven't had time to make something more creative for my project. It's detail on wedding hall
Day 50
Mimozami jesień się zaczya...
Day 49
Glasses or no-glasses
Tonight is to rest and relax. Initially I had a different vision for this photo and it came out without any frenzy, but I'm glad...
Day 48
My lovely city
#theme-out-of-focus More photos from today, you can see here:
Day 47
A gift that I got from clients for the photo session. I like this job <3 Currently, Miłosz @kmilosz is more creative than me in photography. I to...
Day 46
Miłosz opened an account on Tookapic yesterday! Today he got my old camera and is learning to take pictures. He's never really interested in...
Day 45
The worst part of Project 365 is when you have a few good photos and you have to pick only one... :/
Day 44
Ojciec i syn
Day 43
Day 42
Another nice evening. I'm catching up on my social backlog. Of course, everything is safe and in a small group.
Day 41
Really nice evening ;)
Day 40
They told me I was too sensitive
That's what I've been told all my life. And not as a compliment at all. I heard that I care too much, take too much p...
Day 39
I dream of taking such a picture in the larger window of a real ballerina
Day 38
A second before she attacked my camera
Day 37
My beautiful goddaughter <3
Day 36
That's how we spent last evening. This was first time in any pub since the pandemic began. I feel like I've got out of society.
Day 35
Inne strona Wildy
Odkrywam zakamarki swojej dzielnicy. Przez poznaniaków uważana jako ciemny zaułek miasta - Poznańska Wilda to niesamowita dzielnica...
Day 34