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Seth Showalter

Mostly doing Ohio things
#1 51/365
1 streak
Day 51
Ice Town
Day 50
White Stripes
Day 49
Stars and Stripes
Day 48
Down by the River
I took this during my afternoon run. Some funky lines!
Day 47
Fireside Chat
A candid shot of me sitting by the fire. Just kidding, it was super posed.
Day 46
Cedar Point
Day 45
Day 44
Happy Boy
Whiskey is good for the soul.
Day 43
Park of Roses
Day 42
Movie Time
I've been pretty sporidic with picture taking so far this month. Posting a few today and trying to get back into a more consistent habit!
Day 41
Day 40
Cooking Time
We ate lunch at a BBQ place today that had lots of old appliances sitting around, including this oven.
Day 39
We spent the weekend at a cabin with some friends. Here is their baby chilling on the hammock.
Day 38
Big Blue
Day 37
I went for a hike at a local park and saw lots of fall colors and squirrels.
Day 36
Phil and Chaska
I took some pictures for some friends last night. I was happy with some of the nice fall colors we were able to get!
Day 35
In case you can't tell, I'm really enjoying having a fireplace.
Day 34
Sunny Morning
A morning view from our campsite. It was a lot colder than it looks.
Day 33
Moody Mountains
A late evening view from near a campsite outside Boulder, CO.
Day 32
Happy Hour
Enjoying some drinks on a cool patio in downtown Denver.
Day 31
Night Flight
My wife and I went to Colorado for the weekend and I forgot to take a picture until we were on the plane at 11PM, so here you go!
Day 30
Fall Vibes
My wife got some little pumpkins and gourds that make our apartment feel nice and autumnal! Especially with a good fire going in the firepl...
Day 29
Veg Out
Some assorted vegetables that I made for supper.
Day 28
Double Me
Playing around with our bathroom mirrors.