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#4 253/365
2 streak
Day 1,348
Police in my forest. Are they looking for illegal hikers during quarantine?
Day 1,347
Helping my son with his biology homework.
Day 1,346
Forest walk
While walking is still legal.
Day 1,345
Fixing design mistakes.
Day 1,344
Playing with #theme-creepy
Day 1,343
Streak photo, no idea,
Day 1,342
time for cookies #theme-at-home
Day 1,341
First bonefire
Spring is coming and children are bored with quarantine.
Day 1,340
Last days of winter
Long hike with family far from other people.
Day 1,339
Spring cleaning
I have to do something while staying at home. Manual lens + wife = out of focus.
Day 1,338
Starting new week
Morning Monday Run in my forest. For a good start of the week in those crazy times.
Day 1,337
Spring walk
Day 1,336
Celebrating St. Patrick's day a little bit earlier with Irish beer as on Tuesday we have other plans.
Day 1,335
HBO evening
Day 1,334
Day 1,333
Nice sun today but a lot of mud.
Day 1,332
New phone
My phone was +4years old so I bought a new one. The same new one. iPhone SE 2016, the best phone on the market. All new phones are too bulky...
Day 1,331
Finance update day
Day 1,330
Pad thai.
Day 1,329
Tree grafting workshop
Time to learn new skills as a gardener.
Day 1,328
Spring is coming
Day 1,327
Ski trip
Weather was great so we went for a trip
Day 1,326
Should I stay or should I go
Day 1,325
New haircut