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#4 141/365
2 streak
Day 1,235
Winter hike
First winter hike with my wife this season.
Day 1,234
First snow this season in my garden
Day 1,233
Ancient Rome
Back to basics of architecture - reading an old book written nearly 2000 years ago by Vitruvius.
Day 1,232
Sunday trip
Beskid Niski
Day 1,231
Saturday, candles, fireplace, wine.
Day 1,230
Streak cat photo
Day 1,229
Cactus System
After fighting with remote flash in Olympus I decided to buy the Cactus remote flash control system. So far looks promising.
Day 1,228
Black background
Tests of new background with my favorite model :)
Day 1,227
Photo background
I installed a white and black photo background.
Day 1,226
Broken wheels
My wardrobe started to move very toughly. Tried to fix it but some wheels are broken.
Day 1,225
moody walk
Day 1,224
Construction site
Someday it will look nice and not so messy...
Day 1,223
New discovery
Finally, I managed to find a way to a beautiful hidden beach (3.5km).
Day 1,222
Under construction
View from the pool.
Day 1,221
Morning run
Crazy and busy day but somehow we managed to have a long 10km morning run.
Day 1,220
November mood
Day 1,219
Day 1,218
Short trip
Short Sunday hike. Taken with Mitakon 25mm 0.95.
Day 1,217
Saturday dinner. My turn to cook. I made lamb chops.
Day 1,216
New gymnastics program (P1 level2) on Looks like my wife is tired.
Day 1,215
Bike ride
1h ride - Mountain biking
Day 1,214
November :(
Day 1,213
Making plans. Bullet journal.
Day 1,212
Quick visit in the woods before dinner.