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#5 214/365
1 streak
Day 1,674
Carpentry class day 3
Day 1,673
Carpentry class day 2
Day 1,672
Carpentry lessons
Carpentry lessons
Day 1,671
Day 1,670
Fast internet
After 15 years with radio internet finally, we have a fiber optic cable!
Day 1,669
Quick ski trip
Bad weather but it is good to move a little bit.
Day 1,668
Winter again
Day 1,667
Sunday in Cracow
Day 1,666
Coming back
Day 1,665
Waiting for the grass
Day 1,664
Spring is coming
Day 1,663
Winter sea
Day 1,662
Meanwhile in Istria
Love season started.
Day 1,661
Drive south again
That was a crazy morning, 5h of driving in heavy snow, the road that normally took me less than 2h
Day 1,660
Sunday early morning, waiting for PCR test as I would like to travel tomorrow.
Day 1,659
favourite tool
Day 1,658
Shopping day
Day 1,657
No snow?
Day 1,656
Day 1,655
streak 1
sometimes only my security camera takes pictures
Day 1,654
Sunrise trip
Last day in Kosovo, quick sunrise ascent before breakfast, and a long drive home.
Day 1,653
Windy day
The wind changed our plans but anyway we managed to have a nice 3h ski tour trip.
Day 1,652
Another day in winter paradise
Tried to climb one peak but we were 1.5h hour late so we reached just 2000m. and went back but it was a nice trip anywa...
Day 1,651
Finally on top
After adventures with a flat tire, we managed to climb to the top of the mountain.