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I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. Completed my 4th year. Started my 5th then took a 5mth Break.
#7 74/365
73 streak
Day 2,264
Young Grey Heron
I went up to the loch early afternoon and the young heron flew over to the fence, which runs round the loch. She was standing waiting...
Day 2,263
Grey Heron
Day 2,262
Day 2,261
Whacky Races
2 Coots
Day 2,260
Pure Power
Seems to almost defy gravity. No wonder I don't see them fly very often.
Day 2,259
No sign of the young heron today but the loch was very busy, with dog walkers and there was also a repair going on at the viewing platform wh...
Day 2,258
Young Heron
An old friend returned today. I had no fish for her but will try again tomorrow!
Day 2,257
Day 2,256
Grey Heron
An adult and 3 young heron (probably this year's hatching)
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Day 2,255
Water colour
A flipped reflection #theme-golden
Day 2,254
Lochend Loch & Arthur's Seat
A very wet day at the loch!
Day 2,253
Probably a young Herring gull
Day 2,252
Seems to be a week of swans.
Day 2,251
In the rain. So different to yesterday.
Day 2,250
Just a Swan #theme-golden
Day 2,249
Black Headed Gull
Day 2,248
The ruined St Anthony's Chapel
Day 2,247
Day 2,246
Still a few around. I saw some around Kinghorn when we were there last week. Sadly I saw 3 dead ones washed up on the shore there. I believe...
Day 2,245
Juvenile Gull
Probably a Herring Gull
Day 2,244
Black headed gull
Day 2,243
Day 2,242
Day 2,241