I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. Just completed my 3rd year. Not sure if I will continue to complete my 4th year but will give it a go just now.

Year #4 Progress
Day 1,291
Preston mill
Preston mill Took another trip to the village of East Linton. Preston is a hamlet just outside the village. Preston Mill was used twice in the making...
Day 1,290
Canadian Goose
Canadian Goose A few Canadian geese have arrive for the breeding season!
Day 1,289
Calton Hill
Calton Hill Yesterday a shot from Calton Hill today a shot of Calton Hill. This hill is like a warehouse for monuments. I have Never seen so many so c...
Day 1,288
Edinburgh Skyline
Edinburgh Skyline A shot of the skyline from Calton Hill
Day 1,287
A 3 Cygnet heart for Valentines day
A 3 Cygnet heart for Valentines day 3 Cygnets almost making a heart today!
Day 1,286
Swan Another Swan! I must do better!!
Day 1,285
Morag A very sleepy Morag.
Day 1,284
Village of East Linton
Village of East Linton We took a trip to East Linton today. A village just outside Edinburgh.
Day 1,283
Cygnet I seem to be in a bit of a Swan phase again! 😊
Day 1,282
Swan Another Swan! A more wintry version of the shot the other day.
Day 1,281
Newhaven Harbour
Newhaven Harbour Handy to have a lighthouse when you are short of time.
Day 1,280
Swan Not a lot of time today so a quick Swan shot! (I could do swans everyday they look so good)
Day 1,279
Mergus merganser (Goosander) - Female
Mergus merganser (Goosander) - Female Not seen many recently.
Day 1,278
Newhaven Misty Morning at the Lighthouse
Day 1,277
North Berwick Harbour
North Berwick Harbour Took a trip down the coast to North Berwick!
Day 1,276
Robin Redbreast
Robin Redbreast I don't see may Robins around these days.
Day 1,275
Teal on ice
Teal on ice Went to feed the birds again as the Loch was still frozen over.
Day 1,274
Coot on Ice
Coot on Ice Went to feed the birds as the Loch was frozen over.
Day 1,273
Morag Very busy today so a further stretch shot this time of Morag
Day 1,272
Watercolour 2
Watercolour 2 Another stretch shot of the reflected water.
Day 1,271
Usher Hall
Usher Hall Edinburgh's best concert hall! With the Traverse Theatre on the left and the Royal Lyceum Theatre just visible on the right!
Day 1,270
Peebles Took a trip through to Peebles, a small border town. This is the River Tweed with a distant, Neidpath Castle almost hidden in the trees.
Day 1,269
St Anthony's Chapel
St Anthony's Chapel Sun setting at the ruinous St Anthony's Chapel
Day 1,268
Another Feather
Another Feather This bird has flown too! Yet another stretch shot as it was wet.