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I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. Completed my 4th year. Started my 5th then took a 5mth Break.
#6 210/365
47 streak
Day 2,035
Grey Heron
Went up to the loch to feed the Young Heron
Day 2,034
Juvenile Grey Heron
Good to see the young one today
Day 2,033
The Shore Leith
Day 2,032
The Swans have started their mating rituals
Day 2,031
A Swan at the loch today
Day 2,030
Day 2,029
Stretch shot
Day 2,028
Black headed gull
In summer plumage
Day 2,027
Took a walk down to the harbour. It has been months since I was there. Just got back before the heavy rain started again.
Day 2,026
Day 2,025
Angry Birds
Must be mating season, the Mallards are fighting!
Day 2,024
Day 2,023
Preening Swan
Today at the loch
Day 2,022
Canada Goose
Day 2,021
On the frozen part of the loch. #theme-cold
Day 2,020
The Heron
At the loch today
Day 2,019
Grey Heron
Back up to feed it today. #theme-cold
Day 2,018
Grey Heron
Up at the loch this morning feeding the Heron. Looks like it is thawing so the Heron should be able to feed itself now. I will do a final c...
Day 2,017
Here come the Ducks
3 Mallards
Day 2,016
Young Heron
I was a bit concerned that the young Heron was eating bread that people were feeding it. I decided to try it on some raw Pollock. It seeme...
Day 2,015
Black-headed gull on ice
I think it is a bit premature in changing to it's summer plumage!
Day 2,014
Grey Heron
A young Heron by the loch
Day 2,013
The north face
Theme shot #theme-brands
Day 2,012
Barbour shirt range
A theme shot #theme-brands