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I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. Just completed my 3rd year. Not sure if I will continue to complete my 4th year but will give it a go just now.
#4 262/365
677 streak
Day 1,357
Yellow 3
Day 1,356
Castle in the mist
Another shot of the Castle - handy for stretch shots
Day 1,355
Shot from the bus
A stretch
Day 1,354
Juvenile Herring Gul
Just another gull
Day 1,353
Out for a walk
Day 1,352
Blooming no more
Seed head
Day 1,351
Spotted a Cormorant whilst out shopping today.
Day 1,350
Day 1,349
Juvenile Herring Gull
Just another gull
Day 1,348
Herring Gull
Just another Herring Gull today
Day 1,347
Busy Monday....
Day 1,346
Just a Moorhen today
Day 1,345
Morag's New Bed
Busy day - stretch shot.
Day 1,344
Male Goosander
A good day but not really for photographs.
Day 1,343
Another Greylag Goose
Did one not that long ago
Day 1,342
Yellow Legged Gull
Quite a nice day at the harbour.
Day 1,341
Day 1,340
Barn Owl
Close up Barn Owl
Day 1,339
Red breasted Meerganser
Another shot of him
Day 1,338
A bit too wet outside so a negative daffodil to enter a theme shot. #theme-blue
Day 1,337
Running out of ideas.
Day 1,336
Red Breasted Mergenser
Every year we get a visit from a singe Red Breasted Merganser. He hangs out with the Goosanders for a while then heads off.
Day 1,335
Yellow Legged Gull
Day 1,334
Greylag Goose
A Greylag goose headshot!