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I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. I am now on my 7th year which highlights my daily interaction with a young Heron at a nearby loch.
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Day 2,662
Young Grey Heron
Just couldn't resist a final shot before my membership expires tomorrow. It was fun while it lasted! Merry Christmas and Happy new ye...
Day 2,661
Young Grey Heron
The young one met me on the grass again. I was about half way through feeding her when I spotted a woman with a dog. She called the d...
Day 2,660
Young Grey Heron
The young one met me on the grass today. I started feeding her, then the crows arrived. I threw some biscuits to the crows which kept...
Day 2,659
Young Grey Heron
The young one flew over to the grass to meet me this morning. She had most of her feed then got chased by a dog back to the water. I...
Day 2,658
Young Grey Heron
The young one was watching for me from the centre of the loch this morning. As soon as I got close she flew over. I started feeding h...
Day 2,657
Young Grey Heron
I made my way up to the loch this morning not sure what to expect. The drizzly rain was making visibility pretty poor. As I got close...
Day 2,656
St Abbs
Our last day and the storm is back!
Day 2,655
St Abbs
A quick shot from the window. A Shag drying its wings!
Day 2,654
Stormy weather
The forecast stormy weather moved in today. Not quite as bad as the forecast said but definitely very wet and wintery. Glad we had our...
Day 2,653
St Abbs
Much more of a winter feel today but if you dress for the weather it is no problem, A shot from the morning walk!
Day 2,652
St Abbs
A bit of a haar (cold sea fog) this morning so we walked away from the coast this morning, This is a shot from our walk. The haar soon burned...
Day 2,651
St Abbs Harbour
First day of our break and the weather was incredible for November very mild and no wind. Morag has settled in very well so far , she...
Day 2,650
Youg Grey Heron
My last visit to the heron for a few days as we are taking a short much needed break. I didn't think I was going to see any of them to...
Day 2,649
Young grey Heron
I saw all 4 Heron today. The young one flew over to the rail of the viewing platform then jumped into the water to be fed. When she h...
Day 2,648
Young Grey Heron
The young one was waiting on the top of the dovecote today. She found a safe spot and flew down. There was no sign of the older femal...
Day 2,647
Young grey heron
Only 2 heron today! The young one flew over and had some pollock then flew back to the water edge for the rest however she took off r...
Day 2,646
Young grey Heron
Glad to say the fireworks had no lasting effect on the heron as all 4 showed up. It was also the first day they all only had Pollock...
Day 2,645
Young Grey Heron
Only 3 Heron today (the youngest one was missing) and boy were the spooked. The young one and the older female took off midway throug...
Day 2,644
Young Grey Heron
The young one was waiting on the grass for me again. This photo shows her leading me away from the path. She walks away from me but k...
Day 2,643
Young Grey Heron
The young one was waiting for me on the grass. She had a couple of bits of fish before being chased of by a dog. However I know that...
Day 2,642
Young Grey Heron
The young one met me on the grass this morning and had some of her feed. The crows were happy with biscuits again. A spaniel scared h...
Day 2,641
Young Grey Heron
I was just crossing the road this morning when I saw the young one flying towards me. She landed on the pavement just ahead of me and...
Day 2,640
Young Grey Heron
The young one was waiting at the edge of the loch. The older female was not around. I fed the young one then made my way round to fee...
Day 2,639
Young Grey Heron
As I entered the park I saw the young one flying towards me instead of landing she flew higher, left the park then circled back in an...