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I live in Edinburgh in Scotland, I enjoy taking wildlife photos mainly birds. Just completed my 3rd year. Not sure if I will continue to complete my 4th year but will give it a go just now.
#4 229/365
644 streak
Day 1,324
Two Gulls
A stretch shot
Day 1,323
Return of the Eiders
The Eider ducks are back to breed.
Day 1,322
Day 1,321
Day 1,320
Monument to the Royal Scots Greys
A quick shot while I waited for the bus.
Day 1,319
Yet another Stretch shot!
Day 1,318
Blackheaded Gull
Went for an easy shot today again. Nice to see the Black headed gulls in full summer plumage, hints that summer is not too far away!
Day 1,317
Yet another Stretch as it is very wet and windy today!
Day 1,316
Seed head
Surprised they are still around. Another Stretch as little time today!
Day 1,315
Stretch shot!
Day 1,314
Just a Swan
Time is a bit short just now
Day 1,313
Day 1,312
Day 1,311
Greyfriers Bobby
A stretch shot!
Day 1,310
A laid back swan
Day 1,309
Day 1,308
Blackheaded gull
Moving to summer plumage (a bit early maybe).
Day 1,307
A very wet day, so a reflection shot of Morag looking in a mirror that could probably do with a clean!
Day 1,306
Another watercolour
...another flipped reflection!
Day 1,305
Another Cygnet
Just another cygnet today.
Day 1,304
They will be moving on soon!
Day 1,303
A Stretch shot as it is wet outside today!
Day 1,302
New Calton Cemetery
Not really that new though!
Day 1,301
Cormorant on the rocks
Just a cormorant today.