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Could this gallery be more narcissistic?

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Day 1,222
Day 1,208
Pancake mask
I found the solution for catering industry. Edible mask. Someone has just reminded me this series: htt...
Day 1,196
Corona make-up
Tomorrow we would have an anniversary. One month. Since I was out and since I put my make up on. I haven't meet with anyone for a month...
Day 1,188
Day 241857. #theme-wtf
Day 1,187
In this dark times it's important to keep at least a little bit of routine. Like putting make up on. #theme-creepy
Day 1,185
Day like everyday
Day 1,183
Corona Virus syndrome
Do you also have the feeling that evertime you go out, your hands are dirty, poisoned, contaminated? I do shopping online, I ord...
Day 1,178
I'm staying home next week as well. Except Monday. I have to go the office. After over a week this trip seems to my like a travel to the end of...
Day 1,177
Doing laundry. Day like everyday. #my-pandemic-washingmachine #theme-at-home
Day 1,176
Heeere's Johnny!
#theme-at-home #my-pandemic-fridge I'm going to the office only twice a week so working at home isn't new for me. But usually... I av...
Day 1,167
Lost my head
for sunflowers. #theme-see-through
Day 1,149
Bite my head off
Day 1,119
Pandas sit alone
when getting old.
Day 1,109
Pandas sit alone
when sad. Part III
Day 1,107
Pandas sit alone
when sad, part 2.
Day 1,097
#theme-bright-colors Doesn't He know that sunflowers are special...
Day 1,096
Panda So let's start 4th year. I have an important meeting today. I hope I won't hurt myself. More. Btw. I really tho...
Day 1,095
Being here is the best thing that ever happened to me. It's been the most difficult three years in my life. I'm talking about my spine, leavin...
Day 1,089
Gingerbread feeling
Every once in a while I feel the need to create something ugly. Creepy. Not-christmasy. First year:
Day 1,053
My friend is moving out. She's made 1 000 paper cranes and yesterday we went to the empty market place and take a photo. It was creepy enough f...
Day 1,036
Bad hair day
How can you be normal when you watch 'The Addams Family' as a child? It was our favourite series. My Mum loved Cousin Itt. This creatures...
Day 1,035
We are all mad here
Aren't we? My car broke down again. And I was going to go on a vacation on Monday. I was. I was. #theme-halloween-colors
Day 1,033
Day 1,031
Yep. It's my favourite season ever. I was going to make a pumpkin soup but you know. This pumpkin had another purpose first. I had a tough year...