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Day 479
479 I was mean and angry today. It was horrible. #indoors #portrait #afternoon #wood #monday #people #november #woman #one #mammal #adult #sit #no-per...
Day 381
381 On Guard
381 On Guard Okayyy. I've caught up with all my edits and is currently up to date with my everyday-project. (Mike Winkelmann, I hope I do you proud!!)...
Day 470
470 Checkmate
470 Checkmate "Anyone who has grown mentally, physically or spiritually knows that growth is not found in comfort." -Brooke Castillo Remember how I wa...
Day 494
494 Sweet Dreams
494 Sweet Dreams Ha! This is not how I imagined this. I initially planned for the sheep to kill me in my dreams. A morbid take on "sweet dreams". Lol...
Day 320
320/365 Winter in the Evening
320/365 Winter in the Evening So this would be the last of the "umbrella" for now. The whole series concept was experiencing the four seasons under th...
Day 296
296/365 Breathing Space
296/365 Breathing Space Today is wonderful. The house is swept, mopped, and waxed. It's squeaky clean! Cooking Dash opened a new restaurant (my secret...
Day 300
300/365 L'eau et les rêves
300/365 L'eau et les rêves I have this idea that I've been putting off because I'm afraid. I don't know if I can make it work. But this project is all...
Day 473
473 Between Realities and Dreams
473 Between Realities and Dreams What we perceive is not always what is actually there. When nothing is as it appears. #portrait #october #outdoors #a...
Day 377
377 Discovery
377 Discovery And when they find you, they'll come in bursts. A continuation of my "note to self" from yesterday's
Day 302
302/365 L'eau et Les Rêves
302/365 L'eau et Les Rêves Grandpa is 84 today! Prepared a party for him so it's been another "Beyoncé" day for me. On my feet most of the day but so...
Day 450
450 You know I've always wanted to live during the renaissance period. The ball gowns, the soirees, and the whole snaring a duke competition. 😂 But I'...
Day 376
376 Camouflage
376 Camouflage Note to self: There will always be times where people will question what you do or why you’re doing this. 
Some times, people just don’...
Day 301
301/365 L'eau et les rêves
301/365 L'eau et les rêves Ughh... this is soooo hard. But somehow along the process had a mini epiphany on how to continue this. So to keep trying! I...