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Hanna G. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vincent Great work Katrina 😊👍🏻

vividcolourfabric Whoah, I read that whole thing. I didn't expect you to write such things but I guess you're a human too, so you have to get them out of your system. Tookapic is almost a hateless place but still - it seems some people are so brash to write such comments. But you know what? Your art is just not targeted to them. Look how many people adore your photos. Look how many times your photos became Photo of the Day. And - as always - I'm looking forward to see your next pics. Hang in there. :)

Katrina Yu Ha, sometimes I forget that people do read the whole thing. Thank you for the kind words and for the absolutely appropriate song. :)

makebate That's awful. I can imagine how much time you sacrifice every day, that why I really admire your work. And this no streak, its over my head. I was even considering how you perceive us here, with usual, boring pictures, most of the time, and even tho, you find sth that you like in them, so you encourage the photographers.. It had to be painful, but keep your head up, you are a real artist.

Katrina Yu I perceive you as artists with different perspectives, so is everybody else. The way you see things is different from how I see it so it’s always fascinating to see why a certain photo is taken that way or is interpreted that way. (I do totally dig how you have a certain vintage vibe!) You’ll be surprised at how much ideas you’ll get by doing that. And thank you so much for the kind words and understanding. It was a moment of weakness and nothing of importance now. Tight hugs!! <3

agnieszka bladzik people might think you just glue together some random photos that was not taken today, maybe that is why they don't understand and say it's easy? I know it's not, just by making this one "3!" I know how much effort and skill it's required to pull out the kind of work you do. be yourself :)

Katrina Yu Thank you for taking the time to write and share your thoughts!! "3!" is wonderful!!! You look like such a happy person. 3 years…oh how we grow! Btw, congrats and keep going. May you never run out of courage to follow your passion.

Margie I think history in the art field has proven that over time the ground-breakers, the truly creative souls, the ones who see things that others don't, and who possess the skill to express their thoughts artistically - they are sometimes not appreciated because they are different or more futuristic than others are. I view your work as magical, lyrical, and sensitive and your commentary is thought provoking. Your gifts are impressive and so I know I speak on behalf of hundreds of others here, keep at it. I look for your latest post each and every day even when I don't post something of my own. PS I don't even own Photoshop. :))

Katrina Yu I used to tell myself that you are doing this for those that understand not to please those who don’t. Somehow I have forgotten and made a lapse. So thank you very much for this beautiful reminder, Margie. I am so humbled and I really appreciate your kindness. I’m keeping these words close to my heart.

Urszula Stachowicz So this is the essence: you really create a new world on every photo. I admire your creativity and effort that you put in EVERY single photo, no matter what. I think we all know or at least can imagine how much time it absorbs.
And now I'll say: Katrina, you are different! And your works stand out! And I think it's the best thing in the world (well, maybe second: the first one is pizza).

I don't understand this accusation. Photoshop is such a powerful tool. Why not to use it? Everyone can. Or any other similar programme. But here is a thing: PS is huge. You can work with it for years and yet still find new functions. And to do that, you have to learn, watch tutorials, try and it is fun, but time-consuming. Escpecially to attain this level.
This photo is so warm. Love it :)

Katrina Yu I have recently discovered a new habit actually, every afternoon during sunset I’ll go out to photograph the sky/clouds because I might need it as stock image!! :o
I find myself more and more taking stock photos to use for later. I also have photographed (not in a very artistic sense, just the usual snapshot haha) some chicken. cows, goats (the last time I was on the farm) but I still didn’t find any use for them. lol

Thank you, Urs. Always loving reading comments from you.

p.s. A tidbit, the warm color in this photo? It was all the rage I was feeling. Lol, Frustration actually. So yeah, it ended up very orange-y. Mood does affect how you do art!! 

Urszula Stachowicz Hehe, it's the modern version of the sickness named gathering. :D No, no, I didn't mean that - it warms heart. :) Especially rat's expression. :) Makes smile. :)
So, Katrina - WARM HUGS: "480 Warm Hugs" :P

craig Katrina, your work is awe inspiring. I do not comment a lot (I am starting to). I look forward to your post every day, it is always special, imaginative, thought provoking and perfect. I am at a complete loss to get inside the mind of someone who could comment like that so I won't bother, I will just continue to enjoy and look forward to your daily posts.

Katrina Yu Thank you, Craig, for your understanding and for taking the time to write. I really appreciate your thoughts. I look forward to seeing you and the way you see your world too!

Aga I admire your work. Your creativity is magical. Great photo !

Katrina Yu Thank you, I appreciate it!

Gosia Keep calm and eat a marshmallow!

So here's my opinion. I completely don't understand how anyone could say your work "is not fair". It even says in the tookapic rules that "photomontages" are allowed. Maybe this person didn't know your art and thought you just post some images from past days. But we, YOUR FANS know how much effort you put into your creations <3 It's truly inspiring to see how dedicated you are. And seeing back on your old photos it's so obvious that working hard really paid off.

But even if you got all pictures from stock and glued them together, which you're not doing... So what! Would it hurt me? No. Would it make me less motivated? No! I really don't see the problem. If I don't see anything special in a picture - I move on. If something moves me, I leave a comment. It's simple. I really don't get what people get so competitive about.

I didn't know you don't have any streak photos. I mean just... wow!!! You're awesome :D And I know what you wrote sounds harsh, but that's not who you really are. You're nice. You wrote recently under my terrible streak photos: keep going!

So I will write this back to you:


Gosia PS. If it wasn't for your work I probably wouldn't create this "Above clouds" Thank you!

Katrina Yu Haha after sleeping it over, I’m trying not to hide from the drama I’ve created. Also, the no-streak-photo is a bit of a brag. (hides) I consider my hand photos as somewhat of a lazy photo. They’re the easiest one to take! 1-2 shots and you're done if you’re short on time!! And thank you so much for the encouragement!! It’s just what I needed. Yes, we just need to keep going and see where it’ll take us. Hugs tight. <3

Above clouds, sigh. It’s really is beautiful no matter how many times I see it.

Bruce Just keep doing what you do best, Katrina! One person's uninformed opinion is simply that, uninformed, and one that is best ignored and forgotten :-). As a Photoshop and Lightroom user, I know how much work goes into a composite (which includes photography, duh!) , and the creativity that it provides for a visual artist. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work. Bring it on! :-).

Katrina Yu Thank you, Bruce, for taking the time to write and tell me this. I really appreciate it! :)

Bruce You're welcome :-). There will always be loose rocks on life's path, but we just step over them and keep going :-).

jewels Full support @Katrina! You work is simply wonderful! You create universes of dream and poetry, and your photos generate so many wonderful emotions. Tookapic should never be about competition, but a place where we can share and learn from each other's universes. Don't let small minds deter you and keep on filling our eyes and hearts with wonder :-)

Katrina Yu I really love how you say “a place where we can share and learn from each other’s universes” and I really agree with that. Everyone has a story to tell if we just open our eyes, let go of our prejudices and take it in any form.

(p.s. I loooved your shoe posts lately! They are lit so beautifully too!)
Thank you, Jewels. Sending you love!! <3

noun Katrina I love your work! I looking forward every day to discover your pic! Thank you so much to invite me in your world, it's so poetic! And I'm so sad that some people make so unfair comments! Think only that a lot of people love your work!

Katrina Yu Thank you so much, Noun, for the kind words. I appreciate it!!!

Ron Dadoo Dear Kat' It is undoubtedly because there are artists like you, that I have the impulse to continue tookapic. I am grateful for the exchange and the recommendations for the sites interesting .. how many my images have been suggested by you or your work? and it's true that photoshop is a lot of time, I know it :-)

Katrina Yu Dearest, Pat. The friendship with you is one of the things I’m grateful for!! And vice versa, you had inspired and still inspires me to not stop trying new things too!

Cicérøn & Jamie D. Carrey Ah Katrina ! You and Ron Dadoo you are my creative idols ! Møre Møre !

noun ;-)

Comment was deleted

Katrina Yu I’m burning Marshmallows, cause the idea of campfire and smores. Hehe

Thank you so much for your kindness and your understanding always, Beata. Sometimes when a person shares the same kind of crazy with you it makes the journey worthwhile. Really tight hugs.

Ian Forbes Hi Katrina
Tookapic unlike a lot of the web is almost free from negativity and it not my intention to upset anybody who may read this but there is absolutely no need for any member to say anything negative or bad about what people are posting (unless it crosses the human decency line of course) As you say we are not in competition, if they don’t like what you’re doing they don’t have to look at your work?

I agree with everything you’ve said. I bet just thinking up the ideas is more work than a lot of people put in their shots, let alone the taking of different images for your work and then the creation of the finished picture. Believe me I know.
These negative people need to look to their own work. If they think it unfair and want to compete in your arena let them learn Photoshop as you had to.

Besides lets get realistic here. All the professional photos we see out there have been manipulated and passed through Photoshop or the like. In fact if you shoot professionally in RAW format you will have to post proses your shots. Even something as simple as a headshot can be made up of several images taking the best bits from each.
Another example take say an advert for a beer; to get the great lighting in the shot the bottle has to be made up of several images with different lighting in each shot. You couldn’t do it in just one image.
Making fantasy composites like yours is just the same. Apart from the fact you have to think up the entire scenario first! They are completely recognised as a form of photography and are here to stay.
Just a note also, photo manipulation has been around since there has been photography. It wasn’t invented with the digital camera. Only back then it was done manually and not digitally. A lot of Photoshop processes come from the film era. Like Bleach bypass and dodge and burn. They are all techniques that were done in the past. Not just colour correction either, they use to put negatives together or expose different parts of multiple negatives to make composite pictures.
Photography is an art form, even more so now that cameras are getting better and better. In the future it will all come down to composition and post possessing and not unless you want to become a news photographer you will get nowhere if you don’t know how to process and manipulate you shots.

Katrina keep doing what you’re doing and ignore whoever this person is. Oh by the way todays picture is great ☺

Katrina Yu Thank you so much and always for the kindness, Ian. I couldn’t have said it better than you.

I once read that during the Renaissance that the rich who had their portraits painted are also in some way “manipulated” by the artist. To make them “look better” it seems. It made me think just how much are these people in paintings are real and how different. Especially the cases where a person, who proposed marriage after seeing their intended's beautiful portrait, would turn down an engagement because they looked different (or missing a mole) in reality as compared to their image. Must be hard for the ones society deemed as ugly. 😔

Comment was deleted

Ron Dadoo OF COURSE!

Ian Forbes Yes your right and people are still doing it on social media and dating sites now. A lot of movie stars have their own personal retoucher and won't release a photo until its passed through them.

Paula You create art and not everyone can understand it. Just keep doing your amazing work and don't waste your time on worrying about these comments. The appreciation for your work here is much bigger than those ridiculous comments. I'm a big fan of your creations!

Paweł Kadysz I love how this image got to be a photo of the day ;)

Ewa Kudlaty Second time in a row photo of the day. Congratulations! I wait for today pic and next star for you!

Satoshi T Your fantastic world continues to stimulate my imagination on day by day.
I think you have a world of fantastic photos you want to express and that you are using PS as a tool to express it. Your picture is obviously an artwork based on each of your days. They are clearly photographic works rather than a CGs, drawings or collages. I will support you.

Aga Ka @katrina Yu people often don't know how to comunicate. I did not see the original comment that annoyed you, Katrina, but I get the jest of it, I think. Maybe person who made a comment could simply ask about the rules and photoshop, share his/her view on it and listen to the view of others... that's one of the ways we shape oueselfs and learn. And we can still stand by our original views but understand more where the other person is coming from. But I can only guess it did not happen that way. And you said under this photo that you were angry annd mean... I can understand that. We all are only humans. The think is though that everyone who creates something has to face both- ppositive and negative critisism. And not all of it will be fair or constructive. Don't let it get to you to much... neither the critisism nor the fact that it made you angry. And please, keep doing what you are doing. Yoy have come a long way. A lot of people, also myself, appriciate your photos.

Etherliana Sorry for the delay Katrina !! I hug you so much!!
I have to admit that I once said the same thing when
i watched macros on instagram - they are so beautiful - and I was wondering what to do and my little bit were so beautiful. Someone told me to "start using photoshop". I was wondering how these pictures looked in the original, before processing.
I found some such pictures before and after. Unbelievable difference. At present, for me, the effect is unattainable.

But there are people like you who do not use photoshop to fix their photo.
You create the worlds!!!
For me, you are not an ordinary photographer but an artist who creates amazing works of art!
I love your work! Your mind, imagination, creativity and perfection create wonderful images, stories.
and really are so light, pleasant to the eye, as if obvious .... as if you did not put in effort at all .... pure magic !!
Do not give up. Do what you do because it's great !! Do not let it be different!
I cordially greet and hug send! <3

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