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Day 171
Milky Way over Ftan
A very different interpretation of the weekly theme: The jewels of the night sky :) Today I hiked up from Ftan to Alp Laret (Bortl...
Day 294
Milky Way over Lonely Tree
The weather forecast predicted a clear sky so I took the opportunity to try and shoot the Milky Way. There were some clouds...
Day 172
Startrails over Ftan
Today was the last day with a clear sky in Ftan. That's why I wanted to try out shooting startrails. I would have liked to make a...
Day 140
Milky Way over Einsiedeln
I drove with my father to Einsiedeln and shoot the Milky Way because we had PERFECT weather conditions: almost new moon and...
Day 326
Milky Way over Lake Cauma
The weather was perfect for shooting the Milky Way so I decided to go to the Caumasee and try to capture it. This definitely...
Day 327
Milky Way over Lake Cauma #2
Yesterday I went to the Caumasee to shoot the Milky Way. After I got yesterdays image, I walked down to the lake itself t...
Day 209
Today night I experimented with some astrophotography with my 200mm lens. Sadly 200mm is just not narrow enough for most objects in the night sky....
Day 200
Picture Nr 200 🎉 This is the Orion constellation as seen from my balcony. Thanks to a clear and moonless sky I was able to capture it. The Orion...