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Ian Prince Impressive ! Well done!

agnieszka bladzik great! amazing work with puting it together, i also think it fits the theme :D

Nicolas Camenisch Thank you very much! I really struggled with finding good software to stack the images but the struggle was worth it :)

Viola Qniej omg! amazing :) milion stars and one from me :)

v agnès Wonderful!

Szymon Maciejczyk a m a z i n g !

Rafal Laczynski WoW! Great! Big Star!

tania What a job ! Well done !

Marcin Wojtasik Photo of the day! :)

Etherliana Its so so soo beautiful 😍

Anne Wow, just wow

Satoshi T Thanks for your great jewels on the sky!

Roman Czarny Wow fantastic photo

Piotr Amazing!

vera Wow! I'm impressed by the work and the beauty!!! 🤩

Michał Breathtaking ehh beautifully shot

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